11weeks pregnant and cloting

as of today I am 11 weeks and 2 days. Yesterday I starts bleeding and some clotting. I was really scared considering I had miscarried just last year. Went to the emergency to see if everything was ok. They said my hormone level was in normal range and my ban is doing fine. They said the clotting was from my uterus stretching. Has anyone else had similar circumstances that ended well for them?? I'm looking for positive outcomes. I'm tired of being worried and stressing everytime I use the bathroom. Thanks.

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  • Did they test your hormone twice in 48 hours to see if it's doubling? This would be a sign of ongoing pregnancy. You could also ask for a scan, although I assume you must be booked in for one soon. Considering you had a previous miscarriage, were you able to get scanned early and was everything ok then? They could also check your cervix to see if it's closed.

    The advice is generally if you're filling a pad every hour and getting bad cramps then you need to be seen. Some women do bleed in early pregnancy and all is ok and then for others, it's not so it's difficult to say what the outcome will be. I think you just have to trust your medical team and also see if you can get a scan,

  • Go to GP and asked to be referred for a scan. Do not let them fob you off. You need a scan to see what's going on and then repeated blood tests to check all is ok. They cannot diagnose stretching uterus with just tests! Please, please go to GP and get scan, especially if you are still clotting.

  • Hi, I clotted at about 9weeks with my first not much bleeding just a clot size of a 50p. The out of hours gp arranged a scan as they thought I was having a miscarriage. Turned out everything was fine I just happened to be someone who bled a lot in pregnancy. In the same pregnancy I bled at 13weeks stood up from sitting and blood poured onto the floor through my underwear and tights. My stomach went soft and I was convinced is lost the baby but again everything was fine.. They kept me in until the bleeding stopped because it was very heavy . With my second I bled and was in agony at around 6 weeks but when they scanned there was a blood pocket above the baby so the pressure from that was causing all the pain. She said sometimes you get blood pockets below the baby and it just bursts and they don't know why it happens it just does. I'm pregnant again and haven't bled yet (touch wood) I'm only 6weeks got plenty time yet lol. I hope you're ok and try stay calm so many people bleed but listen o your instincts I you think something isn't right go to midwife. My midwife always said a mothers instinct is normally right so if I thought something was wrong it was best to get checked.

  • Bleeding is very common. I had it a few times in early pregnancy. However you can't tell all is ok from a single blood test, you need an ultra sound. Did they scan you in a&e, or maybe your 12 week scan is very close?

  • thank you ladies. Yes I had scans already. 3 ultrasound including one from the e.r. yesterday. I have my doctor appointment coming up this Thursday with my ob. I've had no cramping even with the clot and no spotting since then.

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