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When did you start to feel your baby move?

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Hi, I am now 17wks+3. I am a first time mummy and 30yrs young....I am so excited to feel my baby move but I know it can take longer for a ftm, I am just being impatient, so in the meantime I would love to hear about when you first felt your baby move :) and congratulations to all you pregnant mummies out there :)

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Around 18 weeks with my first, I was quite skinny and my bump was huge by then so felt flutters. With my second was around 16 weeks she was quite active at first little flutters quickly turned into thumps and kicks! every pregnancy is different some take a while to feel anything! .. Maybe sit in bed alone rely quiet and you'll maybe feel a slight flutter. Hope this helps!!

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I'm carrying twins so fully expected to feel them early, like Dr Google says I should have, but I only truly felt them around 22 weeks or so, around the time of the anatomy scan. I could feel stretching before this and twinges but no proper movement until then. Midwife and GP both said this was the normal time to feel them. I'm a FTM as well.

Some say to take a cold sugary fizzy drink and lie on your left side and you might feel them.

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Hi, I'm 17 weeks + 4 and haven't felt anything yet. I am a FTM and was curious as to see when other expectant mummies have started to feel something. Can't wait to start feeling things :)

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Thank you for the replies, there isn't much to do but wait for your little one to tell you they are there so it is lovely to hear from others of their experiences. Thank you for sharing and I hope more will share their baby kicks, flutters and thumps too 😋

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I'm sure you'll take videos of your tummy move too! It's quite funny!

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I first felt my now 3 year old move around 18/19 weeks. Felt like a little fish flapping around in there!! Xx

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20 weeks was when I definitely knew for sure. Now at 26 weeks, it's built up to a lot of movement, ripples and everything. Don't worry. You may not feel anything for a few weeks yet :-) xxx

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I was convinced it was a faetal movement (and not gas) at around 20 weeks. It can take even longer especially with the first?

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I felt flutters but didn't feel kicks or proper movement until much later, probably mid twenties! It's hard to remember now, even though my son isn't one yet!

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Hi im 31 wks 4 days i felt little one move kick around 17 weeks but this is my 5th preg and still a very active baby constanly moving kicking all the time

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hi the average is about 20-22 weeks but make sure ur drinking loads and laying on ur left side can help u feel movement but its really important to drink alot!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for all your replies! I keep drinking loads, especially at the moment, it's so warm! I am getting me anxious waiting to feel baby move, I'm 18 weeks today so still could have a while to wait yet 😬 On another note I feel like I need a top that says I'm not fat I'm pregnant! Just feel very frumpy at the moment lol

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Yeah, that in between phase is awkward for dressing! Long scarves are handy to hide a growing bump but not exactly practical for summer. Maybe some dresses? And longer length cardigans are good too. I remember buying some maternity stuff early on and thinking god I'm swimming in this and it looks like a tent but now these are the things fitting best and some I've even grown out of! My bump was nice and tidy for ages and then one week it just popped and became really obvious.

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Sometimes 20 weeks it differs just be patient it will happen..

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First pregnancy felt at about 19 weeks. Second with anterior placenta wasn't till about 22 weeks and 3rd with anterior placenta wasn't till about 23 weeks

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