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Bye Bye Yummies!!!!

I wanted to stop breastfeeding at 12 months but as they say that with children it is difficult to actually draw up dates and keep them unless of course you are a supper planner. At 15 months plus I have decided to draw the curtains and said to my sweet girl it's time to wave bye bye to the yummies! The wonderful experience has to end now however lovely its been. First one b/f for 8 months, 2nd and 3 rd 2 years and 24 months respectively. With this baby its been more gradual while her 3 sisters it was abrupt and wouldn't advise it. This time around since I have gradually reduced it since 1 year it is the most kindest approach and baby has almost not noticed as its been a long time coming. All the breastfeeding Mums out there I salute you and it's the best start for baby. those who are bottle feeding please take no offence as this is not meant to offend anyone.

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Well done you! I'm still breastfeeding at 17m but will be taking your advice on reducing gradually... she's so stubborn I think it's the only way!



Thanks for your reply. Well done for making it that far, gradual approach is the best as is kind to both Mum and baby.


yes! This is how I want it to be. I don't think either of us could just stop. We both enjoy it. Plus, my son pulls my top down in public and gets annoyed when he can't have milk right away lol.


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