I'm pregnant!!

So I find out I'm pregnant, after starting to smoke heavy and get depressed that my body wasn't working! And now I've been addicted to fags for 4 years and I need to quit but I'm really struggling just going cold turkey but I don't want to hurt my child:( can someone give me some alternative suggestions!

It's really difficult because I struggle with mental health and fags really helped!!

No negative comments please :)

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  • Congratulations! I'm not a smoker but I'd imagine cold turkey is going to be really difficult. Have you had an appointment at the hospital yet, I'm sure they would be supportive in helping you and would be able to offer good advice. It's great you're trying to quit, I hope you're successful! In the meantime I guess make sure you're not smoking in the house anymore because the toxins can linger.

  • Thankyou very much and I have my first appointment on the 16th, but I don't smoke in the house, it's just really difficult! C

  • I don't know if taking up something that uses your hands could help, like knitting or crochet? At least then you'd also be making something for the baby and distracting yourself from cigarettes, using your hands for something else. But as I say, I'm a non-smoker so maybe this is overly simplistic! Have you ever tried giving up before?

  • Yes I did try to give up, but I came of my antidepressants and started smoking again but worse, I've cut down but I'm finding it difficult to completely out it out if you get me! I'll try! Thankyou

  • I would suggest an e-cig but not sure how safe it is during pregnancy. Then again there isn't as many toxins in them but you should try giving up. I know it's not easy.

  • With ecigs you can slowly reduce the amount of nicotine in the liquid but you do need to look up and research how safe it is during pregnancy. liquid is flavouring, nicotine and vegetable glycerine.

  • I know you can get non nicotine but I want to quit altogether but I think I'll get really stressed, Thankyou x

  • I would get in touch with your midwife ... ASAP ... They normally have Someone dedicated to help quit smoking. Don't wait till the appointment tho as the sooner you can reduce/stop the better.

  • The choices are cold turkey, ecigs, nicotine patches or possibly going back on anti depressants if they helped you to quit. I'd smoked 20 years before getting pregnant. However in my first pregnancy I did smoke a bit. But then I had a miscarriage which was devastating. It took Several years before I was pregnant again and that time I quit cold turkey. I kept convincing myself the baby would die and that fear made me stop. However, 9 months after baby was born I've crept back into fags. It's not nice and I sympathise. No one wants to smoke whilst pregnant but the cravings are hard to control. Good luck. Keep trying and eventually you will find something that makes you stop x

  • Aw Thankyou your story is inspiring I never want to have that happen! I'm glad your okay! At least you understand the cravings lol, so difficult.. Think I'm gonna try cold turkey Thankyou everyone xx

  • There was something I tried during my first pregnancy and it was called nicoblock. You put it on the end of your cigarette on the filter and it blocks the intake. The first week you put one drop, the 2nd you put 2 drops and the third 3 and then just give up as your nicotine intake is so low. I went cold turkey with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies and it was very hard but I did it. I've had 7 miscarriages the moment you see your baby your life will change forever trust me. Congratulations and just try your best x

  • As others have said, there is help and support available on the nhs- you can probably access it on line if you have to wait a while to see the midwife. I smoked off and on for years, but managed to stop when I was pregnant. My method was a bit bizarre, but worked for me. I am one of those tell me i can't and I'll do it ten times just out of spite. So telling myself i can't have a cigarette didn't work. I had a full packet and told myself "if I still want one in five minutes, i'll have one" worked. I found a way to distract myself and have never opened the packet. I think the biggest factor is believing you can. Depression usually whacks a hammer blow into your self esteem, meaning you have to fight that bit harder. You truly can do it, you came here and asked for help which is a huge thing to do - so recognise that achievement. Hang on to that. If you need to come back here and post for support time after time there's loads of us here clearly willing you on. You can do it, you have the best reason ever to keep going. xxx

  • Hiya , i found that as much as it maybe to do with nicottine its just as much to do with the breathing... think about when ppl r stressed others tell them breathe slow deep breaths ... the same principal applies with the cig ur inhaling slow deep breaths so next time u want a cig try pretending ur smoking with the way u breath see if it helps x

  • Try an e-cig and slowly wean yourself from them? I had two friends try that method and it worked for them.

  • Hi and congratulations!! Stopping is really hard indeed! I smoked for 13 years and stopped last year after my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the incentive I needed and this can be yours! I used an app called 'Stop smoking in 2 hours' (Jason Vale). Sounds really stupid doesn't it?! I was desperate, I tried it and, remarkably, it worked for me. It's not hypnosis (there are some nighttime hypnosis sessions which are optional), it's more a way of helping you change how you think about smoking and I found the approach suited me personally. I still have subtle cravings every now and again but they're nothing like they were when I was smoking and "needed" one every few hours! Who knows, it might help, it might not but it was free to download and I can only speak from experience!

    Good luck!

  • Aw Thankyou! And that's bad! I hope everything is okay now, I quit cold turkey last Monday, it's been difficult but hopefully I can carry on! I'll check the app out :) x

  • Well done you! Keep it up, cold turkey is normally the best way - the app supports that. I don't know if I'd recommend it if you're already stopped though as it assumes you're still smoking for the bulk of the 'session'. Just keep up the excellent work - you can totally do it! (And yes, thank you, she had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy and she's now in remission!)x

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