Negative Urine and blood test

Hello, my husband and I are concerned about what has been going on with my health/body but we have no idea what to think.

I have missed 2 months of period (71 days since my last one). My boobs are very sore and have gotten bigger. I am constantly nauseated, and periodically throwing up. I've been more tired than usual (I have issues sleeping but never this bad.)

I've taken around 7 home pregnancy tests and had a blood test about 3 weeks ago and all of them have been negative.

I have celiac and I've had a tubal ligation but I've been regular until 2 months ago. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? I'm confused...


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3 Replies

  • How old are you? Have you asked your doctor to check it out, for example thyroid levels can mess up your period as can stress being under/over weight, too much exercise etc. even though a tubal ligation is not 100% it's really very unlikely to get pregnant(hence called sterilisation!) so I'm not surprised your pregnancy test is negative!

  • I'm 24. I'll be going to the doctor's for a test on Tuesday so I'll ask him to do a test on my Thyroid while I'm there.

  • My thyroid levels were normal

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