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Weird Cravings

Hi I'm 33 weeks pregnant and having some weird Cravings. My hubby thinks I'm made coz every time we go out im having to take or buy ice cubes it is driving me nuts but i just fill the urge to crunch them all the time i even went into McDonald's and ask for a cup of ice cubes my husband and son said they both were so embarrassed but I just can't help myself is there any one else how has the same cravings as me or what is your cravings would love to hear thanks for taking the time to read my post and can't wait to hear back baby dust to you all

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I haven't had any mad cravings at all and also 33 weeks! Someone told me icecream is good for heartburn so I've been eating a lot of that but I wouldn't say I'm craving it.

On another note, I read today that craving ice could mean an iron deficiency. Have you had bloods taken recently and are you taking an iron supplement?


Hi i had a glucose test done a few weeks ago and my m/w said everything seems to be for Hart burn my god i hate it never tried ice cream going to have a go next time i get it . Do you know what you're having? I'm on my 3rd boy i also have 3 girls but most of them are grown up now and think we're made starting again. Thanks for the reply


The glucose test wouldn't test for iron levels though. God, I had that glucose test done a while ago. Horrible having to fast and then drink Lucozade first thing!! Mine came back clear too, one less thing to worry about. I swear I should buy shares in Gaviscon with this heartburn! It's ridiculous! The bottle says not to take long term but I checked with both pharmacist and GP to make sure it's ok to keep taking.

I'm a ftm, so not as experienced as you with your 5 kids already! I'm having twins, we think it's boy/girl but keeping things neutral to make things simple! Can't wait to meet the babies, I feel like I'm done and just want to get to July now.


I had a friend who had a thing for ice cubes. I wouldn't worry or b embarrassed your getting more water and staying hydrated and its not going to cause u to put on weight, win win 😊. My first pregnancy it was Jaffa cakes! Not healthy lol x


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