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Hi my partner and I have been trying to conceive for six months now. I am due my period next Tuesday but have been very bloated particularly yesterday and today. I do bloat with my period but not like this! I have already been asked twice if I'm pregnant. I have also been starving hungry the last two days which is not like me at all. I am quite slim but feel really heavy and eating everything under the sun.

I have taken a test today which is showing as negative but it is a it early I guess?

Has anyone experiences these symptoms early on or am I getting excited for nothing?

I've not had cramps as such but a little niggle in pelvic area nothing sore like a little nip now and then.


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Too early to test. Bloating can happen but to be honest you wouldn't even be 4weeks pregnant if you were, at which point you don't tend to have any symptoms.


Just read this did you take another test? Hope you got the result you wanted!



I haven't tested as I had a period ☹️ Thanks for replying x


Ok sorry to hear that.. Hopefully it'll happen for you soon! X

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Sorry to hete that but im same position i look preg had period fr 2 days then came off two days alter had a period again my friend told me i cud b3 having a cryptic pregnancy

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