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Could my baby be allergic to peanuts?

Hi everyone, I read that if someone closely related is allergic to nuts it could be passed on to your unborn baby. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and wondering if I should avoid eating peanuts because my husbands brother is allergic to them. I can't find out what they mean by 'closely related' - is it just you and your parents or do siblings count as well? Don't want to take risks! Thanks

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Hi there, NHS advice now states that it's fine to eat peanuts during pregnancy unless you are allergic to them yourself so no need to worry x


My brother has a severe nut allergy. I ate nuts during my pregnancy with no problems. I do suspect one of my twins may have a mild reaction to coconut oil (which is odd as that's the only nut my brother can go near). The twins' pediatrician has told me it's too early (17 weeks) to get an accurate allergy test done and a lot will change as they grow and change but not to worry too much about it. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Xxx


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