Pregnant on the mini pill

I've just found out I'm pregnant with my first baby, and although a little shocked, I am thrilled!

The main reason for the shock is due to me being on Cerelle mini pill. The problem I have now is that nobody seems to be able to tell me how many weeks gone I am because I haven't had a period since being on the mini pill! I know I am over 3 weeks, but that's all I know!

Has this happened to anyone else before? What's the best (and quickest) route I can go down to try and find out? I have a midwife appointment tomorrow so hoping to have more info then, but I guess I won't be having a scan tomorrow! Are there any other methods the midwife can use to provide me with a due date?

Thanks, :)

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  • The short answer is no. Midwife you calculate from period as that's not possible then it needs to be a scan and midwife doesn't do that. If you're re having regular sex can't tell unless you're actually showing... If you're beyond 20 weeks+ The midwife can feel the uterus above the belly button. Can I ask how come you checked a pregnancy test?

    Can I ask were you taking the mini pill properly, didn't miss any days and took it at same time?

  • I didn't have a period for three months before I conceived and they take the date of your lmp so I had an early scan. It wasn't as accurate as dating as the 12 week scan but gave a good idea how far along I was. I imagine they will do the same with you. Hope it all goes well.

  • Same thing happened to my daughter on this pill. They will use your last pill period to calculate then use that to book scan to confirm dates X

  • I was on Adapall which is the pill you take for 21 days then you have a 5 day "period" so they counted from my last "fake" period then I had an early dating scan although the midwife could make an estimate from my hormone levels if you've had a blood test. We only took the test after I had spotting a few times after intercourse and my sis said she had the same whilst she was pregnant. I wouldn't worry the pill isn't 100% for some people after this baby I will get the implant hopefully x

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