little advice on early pregnancy and doctor/midwife contact pls

hi all. i found out i was pregnant last wed so a week ago, think the last time i had unprotected sex was 3 weeks ago so does that make me 5 weeks pregnant. also when should i contact my doctor . Do i have to see my doctor or can i book in myself with a midwife.. if so when should i do that. thank you for any reply xx


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5 Replies

  • Book an appointment with your GP, then they will refer you to the midwives. Enjoy!

  • yes it sounds like ur 5 weeks cuz u become pregnant when u get ur period as ur body is preparing for pregnancy so u only hav 35 weeks 2 go!!!!!!!!!! good luck n i hope u feel well!!!!

  • Pls report to your Gp n ask to book an appointment with the midwife. I reported to Gp when I was 5weeks pregnant n the doc OK that's it. I called the surgery yesterday cos I was concern n was told I am to book an appointment with the midwife so the midwife will call me today as am 9weeks now.

  • Call your go surgery and they will tell you if you can book directly with the midwife. You don't need to see a doc per se but depends on the surgery you attend. The midwife will see you for your booking at 10-12 weeks and you'll have first scan at around 12 weeks. Start your folic acid and eat healthy, avoid alcohol. Congrats!

  • thank you . i will call my surgery and ask advice on booking in. scary stuff ....but excited

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