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I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I have so much pain in the pelvic and groin area that I can barely walk or stand. My job requires standing a lot and I find it very hard right now. When I told my doctor about it, hoping he will give me a note or days off, he just said that it's perfectly normal and nothing is wrong.

Do you ladies have any suggestions what I can do about it?

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  • Try and see a Physio if you can and get some exercises from them. They can also recommend a suitable belt you can wear for support. I got one from my hospital Physio. I also got myself a gym ball to sit on and do a little rocking, it Seems to help. Pregnancy yoga may also help. Some women get this so badly they end up on crutches, I'm surprised your doctor wasn't more supportive. I think you should also be able to request a risk assessment at work and they should be able to move you to a different task. Also ask if you can get a referral to the hospital Physio.

  • You hit the nail on the head there, definitely a risk assessment one should have been done way before this point.

  • Not sure how it works in uk but in Ireland you have the risk assessment early on in pregnancy but then you can request another if things get difficult. They have to assign you to another task and if there is no other suitable task, you can get signed off on health and safety leave with 3 weeks full pay and it doesn't affect your mat leave allowance. Definitely something to look into!

  • Yes that's right, it works that way here to. My employer reviewed things on a weekly basis might seem excessive but it's nice to feel supported.

  • It's a bit complicated in my case as I'm a scholar post-doc in the US so I'm not really an employee and I'm not sure what are the rules here. It does seem like the doctors here don't care much and if I'm not bleeding or having contractions they just keep saying that it's ok.

  • Ah, ok. Labour laws are completely different in the US!   If you have holiday to take and get enough mat leave allowance, maybe you should just finish. It's only 6 weeks to your due date. Do get a gym ball to sit on though! Someone once told me anout a gym ball/seat combo that you can get in Target. Maybe you could try that out -

  • Thank you for the information and suggestions. I'll ask my midwife about it, maybe she will be more supportive :-)

  • Good luck yes I think that's the right action. It was midwife who did my referral 

  • It sounds just like SPD.  I had it in my last pregnancy and ended up with crutches.  I could barely shuffle, my pelvis kept making cracking noises and needed help to lift my legs.  Hopefully, if it is that, you won't get it so bad but it is definitely worth asking your midwife about it.  Not every woman has groin pain in later pregnancy and your midwife is far better to talk to about pregnancy problems (in my experience).  Good luck .

  • Wow, sounds bad. Thank you for sharing this with me. I have an appointment tomorrow so I will ask about it. 

  • See another doctor sounds like an absolute fossil and someone who trully didn't take in the exstent of what you were saying!!. Yes pelvic pain is common during pregnancy but getting to the exstent of your is no joke. I to have had a lot of pelvic pain and I have lots of trouble. I visited my doctor and was signed off at 21weeks, was told there was no way could carry on doctor said to rest as much as possible and start building my nests. I have also had a referral for some physio, there are also supports that you can get.

    Take care 

  • Consider taking early maternity leave, It's for you and your baby's good. I took my last mat leave at 34 weeks due to worsening SPD. I. found that the heavier I got the more challenging it became to walk. The physios can only help to a certain extent, time did drag towards the end but we finally got to the finishing line with relative ease. My princess arrived at 38 weeks so in the end it wasn't that long a wait. Wishing you all the best 😊

  • Depends where you work but if you take a certain amount of sick leave during pregnancy you will be automatically be put on maternity leave earlier. I know that's policy where I work. Physio is a good idea but to be honest if you're struggling and if there is no way to alter your job than you can risk assess all you want but early maternity leave sounds like a plan. I stopped at 35 weeks as I was waddling to walk without spd and even though was bit bored at home it was getting really tiring to work 8 hour shifts at the point. 

  • Hi,

    At around 30 weeks I started having pains that sound similar to yours. Where I live you refer yourself to women's health physio and the number was in my maternity notes booklet ( I'm sure your midwife will be able to give you details if you have to refer yourself) anyway whilst waiting for an appointment I bought myself a cheap bump band off amazon which really helped (surprisingly given what it is) to  the point that I never actually made it to the physio as when teamed with over the bump trousers I felt ok (but I finished work at 34 weeks and delivered my twins at 36).

    All the best x

  • Thank you so much, I do think about early maternity leave as I'm going to leave this awful working place as soon as I'll give birth. The people here are so insensitive to my situation and I had such a hard time during my pregnancy. My PI don't seem to care about my situation as well as the guys I'm working with. No one here even thought about offering me help. I'm very much emotional about this situation as I feel like I'm struggling alone with all this pains and chemicals that I need to work with. I cry every day out of frustration.

  • I had the same problem with my pelvis and groins. My midwife gave me a support belt which helped a lot. 

  • I had an appointment with the midwife today and she recommended the support belt as well so I'll just buy it online.

    Thank you all for the replies.

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