Hi everybody!

I'm thinking about the overdue (I've got the due date in 3 days)

I was wondering..the rest of pregnants you were overdue and with induction, did you have to wait 2 weeks for an induction? (I mean, for a normal case) Or you could choose with the midwife how many time you had to wait for an induction? I'm not agree to wait 2 weeks, so I don't know if you have the possibility to choose how many days...at least here in Scotland..



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  • I was 14 days overdue. My son arrived the day I was due to be induced! I had to wait 14 days for induction which I think is the normal process.

  • Thanks KellyTrip !

  • Hi i was 6days late with my baby and was going to be offered the sweep at 41 weeks. The Wednesday before the Friday I went out in a car on bumpy roads and then played a game with my cousin which was funny as we played children charades it  then started me off on the Wednesday evening I only had back and period like pain. So maybe try a bumpy car journey if you can. 

    Hope all goes well 

  • Sarahlou2104 lol it's a good idea, maybe I'll try :D

  • Or if u like curry try that!! 

  • I tried with curry and all kind of spicy food but nothing at the moment..I'll keep trying.. :)

  • It depends on your hospital. For example my local one is 10 days they can start inductions but another one slightly further away is 12. It also depends what spaces they have and how favourable your body is to going into labour. So no you can't pick a day. I've also had two friends in other parts of the country go into labour the day before their induction was due on day 13. 

  • Thanks claire16c I knew in Spain they only allow some days overdue..not two weeks. It's different in every country as I see..thanks! :)

  • I was booked for induction for 1 week overdue had a sweep at +5 and the delivered that night so no induction needed. You can ask for a sweep but they can only do it if the cervix is already bit open 

  • That's the idea that I had..but sometimes the sweep doesn't work..but I prefer that before the vaginal pills.. Thanks roxannacar !

  • From what I read the sweep is a 50/50 chance. I had asked for it a few days before on my due that but cervix was completely closed. But in general I think if you ask due date onwards they will be inclined to try it at least. 

  • Thanks roxannacar . I got the appointment with the midwife tomorrow, so I'll ask her about this..

  • Try Mediterranean dates, pineapple juice and if you still can have sex.My husband thought I was mad to ask at 38 weeks and it did the trick. I was also on the maternity ball from 36 weeks. My first 3 were all late and it felt like eternity. Lots of walking if you still can. All the best 😊

  • Thanks Muminspire1 :)

  • you are welcome, wishing you the very best 😊 Xx

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