Absolutely terrified!

Hi ladies. I'm new to this so bear with me! 

I'm currently 12 weeks with my second, I have my 12 week scan this Friday. As the title suggests I am absolutely terrified that there will be something wrong. I can't help but think the worst. I've had serious cramping pretty much every day since 5 weeks which the GP and midwife keep brushing off but while I know cramping is normal, this is bad enough that it stops me from my day to day stuff and leaves me breathless some days. 

I guess what I need is some reassurance! I apologise for what could be considered a totally pointless post! 

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  • It's not pointless it's how you feel. I'm not sure any words of wisdom will help at this point. Just try and relax a bit if you can as added anxiety may add to the cramping. I had a lot at the beginning of my pregnancy this is my first and I'm happy to say that I'm expecting twins. Good luck Friday 

  • I know exactly how you feel! I'm also 12 weeks pregnant with my second and have bad cramps this time round. My scan is tomorrow I'm quite anxious that everything is OK. I think you feel things more when pregnant and worries become intense. I'm sure everything is fine, not long to wait for either of us now xx 

  • Ever since ur zygote gets implanted in ur womb .the hormonal .the embryo secrets.placental foreign body a parasitic . Feeling by womb r so many causes  r explained for this mild to moderate .contraction called Broxton-Hicks contraction.a benign pain harmless .some times it bothers u .

  • Braxton -hick contractions r normal throughout pregnancy only the exacerbated form is labour pain in the end

  • I had this pains during the first trimester and almost through all of my pregnancy (33 weeks now). It's totaly normal and most probably a result of broadening of the uterus (according to my OB and internet).

    As my doctor keep saying, as long as you are not bleeding there is nothing to be worried about.

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