Young mother, looking to just socialise with other young mothers or mothers to be. :) who are as friendly as I am hehe

hey it's me again I haven't posted in a while, but anyways am 38 weeks on Monday and sitting here thinking mhmm my pregnancy experience first time hasn't really been that great I feel ever so isolated whilst I see everyone else enjoying there pregnancy whether alone or with their partner. Making me wish I had the same experience or was as happy as they was. So I thought maybe socialising with other young mothers will help me. I am from London & 20 years old I would love to just meet and get to know any young mothers or mothers to be really especially because being pregnant I've lost most people I considered friends and talking and interacting with other mothers will help the way I feel and see things. feel free to message me am very friendly and will reply.

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  • Hi I'm Hannah from Gloucester, 22 years old. I have a son who is nearly 3 years old and I'm also 14 weeks pregnant with my second. I also don't have many friends left because of me having my children and it would be nice to meet other mums. X

  • Hi :) I'm Katherine from Newcastle! I'm 23, with a 3 year old daughter and 4 month old son! I've also found it difficult to meet other young mums, so it would be great to chat :) xx

  • Look for children centres in your local area, I live in Barnet and go to a young parents session (parents under 25). I love it!

  • Hi 

    I'm Rachel. I am not a young mum, I'm 33 and currently 10 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I have a daughter that's nearly 13 and a son that's nearly 9. 

    When I had my daughter I was only 20 and by myself after I split up with her dad so I do know how lonely it can be to be young mum but it does get better! 

    If you want to chat or anything just message me x

  • I'm 23 and feeling similar to you! I feel like I've been written off by some of my friends because I'm pregnant! I'm 33 weeks now. Don't live local to London but it would be lovely to have someone to chat to! X

  • Sure thing hun tbh I am up to talking to anyone really. 

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