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I just want my labor to start already 😭😩

Hey everyone 

So I am 38 week on Monday, I really just want this baby out as am exhausted and tired of being pregnant. Waiting 40 weeks even though it's not far is just dragging its my first child and I am worried it's going to heavy any suggestions on how to start or bring on labor. So far I've tried sex which to me I thought worked where I started having contractions for two days but then it stopped (false alarm) 🙄😭.

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Hi, there are lots of things that can apparently help start labour, but to be honest none of them worked for me. Go on lots of little walks, that helps get baby in the right place. You might potentially have another four weeks to wait until baby arrives, so try to enjoy these last few weeks while you can. Swimming feels nice when heavily pregnant if you are feeling uncomfortable or see if there are any places local to you that do pregnancy messages. 

Baby will come when it wants to. ☺ 



Hi, I know how that feels! I ended up being 10 days over! We tried everything, pineapple, sex, raspberry leaf tea, curries. Walking may help though: I took a walk up and down flights of stairs sideways and that helped to break my waters, so is definitely worth a try! Good luck! Xx


Up and down the stairs sideways?! I've never heard this one before!! I don't have stairs at mine so my mum may find me at hers just going up and down her stairs every day in a couple of weeks! 😆

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how long do these stairs have to be because I feel like I've tried everything my last attempt will be Castrol oil which. I feel like the baby is taunting me :( 

I have stairs but they are not very long stairs or nothing like that. 


I know it sounds mad but it worked for me, although I was walking for about an hour! I live in a ground floor flat so had to use my parents house. I'd already had a membrane sweep so I think I was in early labour already. I'm afraid to say that sometimes nothing works and you just have to wait for nature to take it's course. Good luck x


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