Been having a quite a hectic week with appointment, get to meet my new midwife this afternoon. Been having real trouble sleeping though if I'm honest and when I dream the dreams have been downright disturbing at times as well as strange. This is my first pregnancy and I must admit I do find it hard to relax properly. Any tips or advice would be grestfully received.

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Pregnancy def brings its fair share of weird dreams!! I had a horrible dream last week and woke up crying! Thankfully I couldn't remember the details. I've had disturbed sleep with both of my pregnancies, I feel like it's par for the course really. I regularly wake up but manage to go back to sleep usually.

Sorry I can't be of more help but if anyone else has some ideas of love to hear them too!!

I'm with Dublin77 on this. Contrary to popular belief the lack of sleep begins not too long after conception. it's common for pregnancy to bring an array of strange and creepy dreams. This is my forth pregnancy and I still wake in the night feeling horrified with some of the dreams I've had! To top it off there's the frequent nightly toilet trips. It all adds up to just a little more exhausted and irritable (for me any way) 

Only thing you can do really so it doesn't get on top of you is out your feet up when u can and try to grab a nap in the day. 

My dreams are crazy too - and it's not helped by husband snoring as soon as his head hits the pillow and not waking again until morning. So unfair. I can just picture him sleeping through the crying babies when they arrive!

My elbows will be trully sharpened for preventing other half sleeping through!. In all truth though as soon I fidget about too much he wakes up and checks im ok. 

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