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Fèeling a little all over the place


I'm expecting twins and I'm really excited but really started to feel all over the place especially about my size. I have before lost nine and a half stone and was a size 12 to 14 before falling pregnant. I'm currently wearing a range of sides of clothes from 14 to 20 (maternity). Also my bump looks very impressive from top and then seems to turn into have you eaten all the pies look. I had to stop work at 21 wks as was having servere pelvic gurdle pain and doctors were concerned about premature labour. Also a fortnight ago I visited an out of hours doctor who despite the fact that I was holding my pregnancy notes in hand kept nodding at me and I had to clarify that I was pregnant and not just overweight she then said she dudnt like to ask if i was incase she was wrong. Since then I have been struggling with the way I look. I am so pleased I'm pregnant though and I can't wait for them to arrive, I have a very supportive partner but still feel all at sea.

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Hi there sorry you feeling that way. I am a mother of four beautiful girls all singleton's. The last two bumps were huge. All I can say is be proud and very happy that you are growing two beautiful babies, ignore any remarks intended or not, it's only for a short time in your life try and enjoy it. Some people only wish they were given your chance but can only wish and hope. I looked full term by six months with the last one and kept waddling for the last three. Your babies are proud of you and your life will never be the same again when they arrive. They will love you like no one can and genuinely. Concentrate on that and enjoy this special blessing. 😊

Thank you,definitely looking forward to them arriving.  Think that my body clock is getting ready for their arrival to as don't sleep for longer than 2 hours a time at night either ☺

Tlove in reply to Jack81twins

Same here on the sleeping! It's mad isn't it? 😊

Jack81twins in reply to Tlove

It sure is! It also affects my other half to though as he's so tuned in to me he wakes as well. He gets concerned for me he is so supportive I am lucky

I've been told all the way through my twin pregnancy that it's normal to be bigger with twins and you'll start feeling the aches and pains sooner. I felt my uterus being really heavy quite early on but it seems to have got a little better. I'm heading to the hospital Physio this afternoon to get some help with the pelvic pain. I find it comes and goes, if I've been over active or sitting too long it hurts. Yoga was helping but now I'm getting a little awkward so I think I'll continue these at home. I will pm you later with some of the exercises I pick up today, if there's anything useful!

At my last appointment my consultant said that I would be feeling symptoms 5 weeks sooner than a singleton pregnancy, so don't worry if things are taking their toll sooner. I hope the hospital is looking after you well. I feel like I'm really well taken care of with lots of scans and appointments.

As for clothing sizes, I wouldn't read too much into them. I was similar size to you pre pregnancy and have found JoJo Maman Bebe and Debenhams to be the best. Definitely not h&m - their jeans didn't go near me even going a couple of sizes up! 

And remember your body is being amazing growing two little lives in there. Make sure you seek out some support and reassuring words from your partner too, I find this helps a lot!

Jack81twins in reply to Tlove

Thank you that would really be appreciated. I haven't got another scan until end of next week it's the longest I've gone without one as now every three weeks rather than every two. Seeing a new midwife on Friday as the one I had had gone in maternity herself.

The ladies carrying twins, you should be very proud and stand tall, pregnancy is challenging as it is, leave alone carrying two. Bumps come in all shapes and sizes, unfortunately we don't choose. A friend of mine used to cover hers with scarfs and clothes that cover up well. Don't let anyone's comments, gazes, expressions e.t.c affect you in any way. You alone know what it is to be in your shoes. One thing is for sure with all the challenges, aches, pains, emotions involved, the reward is huge and indescribable. Time flies very quick, before you know it your blessings will be here, focus on that and before you realise all of this will be in the past .......

Thank you ☺

Tlove in reply to Muminspire1

Yes, I find scarves great! And long cardigans too. Thanks for your comments, really helps! Having been at the hospital today for a group Physio session, I realise that bumps are definitely all shapes and sizes and I was surprised to see women there who were barely in the second trimester who were already in a lot of pain. We've done well to get this far along without too much pain until now.

Jack81twins in reply to Tlove

Hope that your feeling ok after the physio session, they can be tiring anytime let alone when we are carrying out little bundles. I'm a fan of the long cardi too and think I will give the scarfs a whirl too. I've had a lazy afternoon myself as had a real humb dinger of a headache so had a lie and fell asleep. Got two more appointments this week one with anaesthetist and other with midwife so seeing plenty of the hospital this week.

I struggled with weight gain too as before we finally got pregnant  (been trying for over 3 years so had ivf ), I'd recently lost weight for my wedding. Most of my friends and my sister who had been pregnant always had a "perfect bump" and didn't seem to put on weight anywhere else. Through my pregnancy of a single baby I have constantly had comments from people saying "are you sure you haven't got 2 in there? !". I found it quite disheartening. But I'm now at 37 weeks and although I suspect I've gained probably about 4 stone as last time I checked a good few weeks ago I'd gained 3 and half stone. I'm now embracing everything. We all carry differently.  I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring in months and it was a little too big prior to my pregnancy so I suspect I'm holding some water too. Every time I feel my baby move it makes all my insecurities go for that instant. 

We'll be running around after our little ones soon enough that will kick start losing any excess weight but we are amazing as we are growing a baby. It still blows me away of how incredible it is Xxx

Thank you, you are right ☺ I haven't weighed myself but I'm sure I've put on about the same. Sitting here replying with a smile on my face though as my belly currently looks and feels as if there is a Mexican wave going on in there ☺

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