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Very large bump

Hi everyone, I'm 23 weeks with second pregnancy and am starting to get worried at just how big my bump is. I had my scan at 20 weeks and all was well with perfect measurements. However, I feel and look huge. I'm already waddling around and struggling to get in and out the car/off the sofa. Do you think I should call the midwife? I'm seeing consultant on 10th May but not due to see midwife again until 31st May. Any thoughts appreciated xx

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They do say the second baby bump will be bigger but if you're in discomfort, it would be worth making a call. You could get referred to Physio to help you. I'm heading to Physio tomorrow as my pelvis is starting to hurt and I have occasional back pain. If you can keep mobile and do walking, pregnancy yoga or swimming then this would probably help too. Do you think some of it could also be water retention - are you drinking enough? If you're feeling uncomfortable now, it might only get worse as you get bigger so I would talk to someone to see what can be done.

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Ah thanks Tlove. I think I just didn't expect to be so big so soon. I don't feel like I've put on much weight elsewhere just seems to be bump. I'm not in pain anywhere really, just the impractical implications of having a bump. I get quite frustrated when I can't do what I want as quick as I'd like, my husband suggests I need to slow down. Think I might just give the midwife a call and see what she thinks, I am a little reassured that just 3 weeks ago at scan all was fine. Thanks for listening!! Hope all is good with your bubbas xx


Maybe you feel big yourself but really you're not? I feel huge but everyone is telling me I'm tidy for twins! I now weigh more than my husband as well, having put on about 3 stone. This is alarming because he's over 6ft and I'm only 5'5! The consultant wasn't concerned about this though, she said weight is only a concern if you're very under or over weight before pregnancy so that made me feel better. My GP said the same, the weight has all gone to bump and babies. You might be right about your body telling you to start slowing down. I definitely have good and bad days and was wrecked from just doing some shopping yesterday. It really does get difficult after a while.

All well with the twins, thanks for asking! We now have confirmation that it's boy&girl, so quite excited about that. I had a scan last week and they seem to be measuring fine. Whatever way they are lying though, it feels like an internal bruise at the top of my bump at times. Hospital bag is now packed as I'm just over 28 weeks.

Did you and your husband decide on a name eventually?


I started out with a normal bmi, too scared to weigh myself now 🙈! I've had a really good rest today and actually feel a lot better. I fed agree with you that there are good days and bad days. Felt really good Sat so did loads of chores and family errands, barely sat down all day - prob paid for it today. 

So exciting to hear that the twins are doing well, how lovely to have a boy and a girl! Well done you on the hospital bag, so exciting.

We haven't decided on a firm name but Erin is becoming more popular and we both like Kiera. Will have to wait and see when baby arrives. Have you considered names now?xx


Erin and Keira are both lovely choices. We've kind of spoken about names but my husband is ridiculous. I mentioned the name Finn ages ago for a boy and he dismissed it. Then we were watching Star Wars at the weekend and he had this Eureka moment when the name Finn was mentioned, as if this was the first time it had been thought of. He's always doing this to me! Anyway, looks like Finn is on the list for a boy now. I like Arya for a girl. I think we will see when they're born what kind of suits them.


Finn is on our list of boys names too 😊. My husband seems to devote his time to finding the most obscure Irish names and telling me he's found a lovely name which is very annoying!!


2nd baby tends to give you bigger bump as the tummy muscles have already been stretched out. If you had a normal 20 weeks scan and specifically mentions digestive tract being normal you're probably OK. The midwife can examine you and check for your fundal height which should be just above your belly button. 


Thanks roxannacar. All was fine at scan so trying to keep that in mind.  

I put on 3 stone with my first and had lots of fluid retention so guess I should be prepared for that. So far my ankles, knees, fingers continue to be normal size!!!


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