its twins!!

hi, I'm 38 and me and my partner have been together 21 years. we have 3 sons aged 19, 15 & 8. We found out I was pregnant again at 5 weeks gone and were just about getting over the shock when we went for our 12 week scan and we were told (on April 1st of all dates! ) that it was non identical twins!! we were so shocked but have now became quite excited about it. I was just wondering if there are any older ladies out there with twins that have any advice as this is a totally new thing to us, where you taken into the hospital to have the babies early ? etc , 

thanks , Lisa 


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  • Hey Lisa, congratulations! Apparently when you're over 35 the chances of twins increases. I'm 37 and I'm 27 weeks along with twins from IVF. I had a scan today and both look well. What I would say is your skin really stretches and can get uncomfortable towards end of second trimester. I have them digging into me at the moment and not a lot I can do. I also have pelvic pain and back pain, all of this happens quicker with 2 although these are my first so nothing to compare to. You do get scanned more frequently as well to check growth, etc. I'd recommend pregnancy yoga to help with the aches and pains.

     I discussed birthing options today with the consultant. I guess you already know that they will only take you to 37/38 weeks with twins and if they haven't been born at that stage, it will be a c-section or induction. I don't fancy the idea of induction and c-section requires more recovery but it all depends on how the babies are lying, where the placenta is lying, etc. I'd also be interested to hear people's experiences of delivery.

  • Congratulations on your twins as well. Yeah being over 35 and having twins previously triple the chances so here I am again on another twin ride. 😍 As I stated in the post with Lisa, Red raspberry leaf tea is excellent. Extra protein veggies fruit. More details in the post I sent Lisa. Enjoy your pregnancy ride. It's a joy. 

  • Wow, second set of twins! Congratulations! How far along are you? I've been loading up on protein and veg alright, appetite is getting smaller as they're getting bigger though! Your previous set of twins were a great weight - will they allow you to go to 39 weeks again though? They seem to recommend 37/38 weeks.

  • Congratulations on your set of twins. The most important thing to keeping the pregnancy as long as possible is eating lots of proteins of course lots of veggies and fruit too. I've carried my twins (8 yrs) to 39 weeks and they were 6.11 lbs and 6.13 lbs. I even read where moms had twins 7 and 8 lbs as well. Also red raspberry leaf tea is an excellent tea for women (of course men and kids can drink it too especially for colds). As long as you don't have a history of fibroids this tea or capsules is EXCELLENT. read about the best teas to drink while pregnant. Although most websites will say toward the end I know many moms who drank it throughout. It strengthens and tones the uterus. 

  • I'm not an older lady but found out i was expecting non identical twins at 23 it definitely was a shock! Both of mine were extended breech and my son was lay on top of my daughter restricting her growth so when I went in for my growth scan at 36 weeks they told me I wouldn't be leaving as they had to get them both out asap!! I had a caesarean and although not my preferred method it was actually ok!! 2 years on and they're both thriving! And although twins are a lot of hard work they are also a beautiful gift congratulations! I also had my scan on April fools day just the one this time though 😊

  • I'm 26 weeks 4 days with identical twins. It was a total fluke as they say. It's my first pregnancy to so learning as I go along.  I was told at my first consultant appointment will have them between 32 and 36 week's 

  • Aw congratulations on identical twins! 32-35 weeks sound early though, I wonder if that's because they're identical. 

  • I know it does, but said 36 wks would be the maximum. Think it's because they are identical and the fact that they share a placenta. Find myself counting down my life in weeks at the minute.  Apparently majority of twins arrive around 37weeks

  • Same here, I'm almost into single figures! They told me yesterday average is about 35 weeks and full gestation is 37/38. I think identicals have more of a risk of twin to twin transfusion, so I guess they closely monitor them for growth and decide on due date based on that. At least there are some good organisations you can join for support too. I'm in Ireland so we have the multiple birth association here but in the uk I think it's TAMBA. If you sign up you get great discounts - I think both organisations give 20% off JoJoMaman Bebe which is amazing as I find their maternity wear really good. There is a list of places on there so worth checking out if you haven't already!

  • Your right about TAMBA I've already joined. Yes your right they are at higher risk of twin to twin transfusion. I think another reason they monitor so closely is because as in any pregnancy nearer the end the placenta becomes less effective so in the case where there are sharing I guess they have to use there judgement. Mine are growing really well at the moment. How are you finding things? I had to stop work earlier than planned and I've had the dreaded pelvic gurdle pain and heartburn but if i do as I'm told it's not as bad☺

  • Hi Lisa I have twin boys non identical at 29 I had them at 38weeks but I wanted a natural birth because of the healing process but they didn't come so I was induced took 3 days nothing happening so they said ither do it all again or go for yep went for c-section I had enough lol, feel free to ask me anything you want to know x

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