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Emty sac

Ive neva bin so confused in my whole life, i am pregnant i thurt i was 11 weeks turned out am only 5 weeks bin bleeding since last monday started off very rare den very heavy passing a few clots dull pains now it like it a period i ad a scan lst wednesday i ad a sac there but no emybro dont wot 2 think got another scan next wednesday av any1 bin dis i ve ad 4 childrens already but dis is just so scarey 

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So sorry to hear you're going through this. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound good. What did they tell you at the scan? Have you spoken to a midwife yet about the options available to you? My first pregnancy went like this, I had spotting and went in to EPU and was measuring behind compared to my dates, empty sac only seen on the scan. They gave me three options - wait it out, take medication or have a d&c. I decided to take the time off work and wait it out at home. I had a follow up scan to check that the lining had thinned and it was all over. It's horrible to go through and you will need all the help and support of your husband to get you through. Just make sure you take enough time off work and look after yourself. If I were you, I'd talk to a midwife ASAP and bring your scan forward. x


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