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Hoisting while pregnant

Hello. I am a nursing assistant in a nursing home. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant. I have informed my employer I am pregnant which was done at about 8 weeks. I haven't been risk assessed yet and I am also still hoisting and managing heavy residents with very little if any mobility. I find the work very hard now being pregnant and staff expect me to work like normal. Quite stuck as to what to do? Would appreciate any replies thank you!

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What's more important? Job or baby?

You work to live not live for work!

Time you asked to be put on lighter duties!


Your employer has a duty of care to you. You need to remind them that you have not had your RA in respect of your pregnancy (which should be done periodically throughout your pregnancy) and you are now experiencing twinges when doing certain tasks. If a formal RA is not done with you within the week (ideally before your next shift), put it in writing. If this is ignored, you need to approach the owner of the home/business. If this does not work, you need to contact the HSE who will be able to advise. It is better to follow these steps as, if your employer does not respond, it gives you solid back-up when you need to escalate it. You can also contact ACAS who can also advise you and if required, contact your employer on your behalf.

In my experience of care homes (I was a self employed care home trainer all over the UK) most employers are aware of their responsibilities but put it in a 'to do' pile with the rest of the 'to do' list. It isn't intentional, it is an oversight. If you bring it to their attention formally, they should respond positively. Bad care home management is in my opinion 3/10, lets hope you work for the 7/10 who are good but forgetful. 

A word of warning though, if you leave it and say nothing and something happens, you really only have yourself to blame. Don't let this happen. It really does work both ways.


Brilliant thanks for your advice it has really helped!

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It is a legal requirement to get a proper risk assessment during pregnancy. Hoisting heavy patients with limited or no mobility may require 2 members of staff in your case and be careful. Speak to your manager and tell them that you are finding it hard. Hopefully you will get listened to. Be proactive and ensure things change. Look after yourself and your bump.


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