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Hi all, we've been chatting about names for our new baby. We're agreed we'll continue with an Irish theme (my husband is Irish), my sons name is Eoin (pronounced o-in). I think we've got boy names covered but for a girl I love Erin (originates from the Irish word for Ireland) but my husband thinks 2 children both with names beginning with the same initial is gimmicky?!!!

He also thinks Erin and Eoin are too alike?!!

I think he's crazy...any thoughts?


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9 Replies

  • Well, Eoin is pronounced like Owen so although the they have the same initial, they will sound very different. I'm Irish and one of my favourite girl's names is Cliona / Cliodhna but there are lots out there - Saoirse, Saidbh, Deirdre, Sorcha, Aoife, Aisling.... But if you're in the uk you will probably want one that's easily pronounced based in the spelling, so Erin is a good choice. The number of people who struggle with the name Aine is unreal and that's one of the more common names here! So do take that promunciation into consideration too.

  • Yes we had the conversation around pronunciation when we named our son. I felt that as we live in England no-one will know how to say it but I was persuaded! He likes Saoirse but I'm not keen. We've been through many of the girls names and still struggling. The baby will have lots of cousins with Irish names so we've discounted those already. We actually both like Orla but the initials will be OOH!!! Which I find a bit odd. I love Aoife but worry no-one will know how to say it xx

  • Yeah, Aoife may be tricky! Saoirse wouldn't be my favourite either but then my parents called their dog Saoirse! How about Roisin? I have an English cousin with that name and don't think she had any issues. I don't think I'd go for Deirdre because it would be pronounced like Deirdre Barlow which isn't how it's said here! 

    We've barely discussed names and I'm 26 weeks. I have a British husband but we live in Ireland so we can go either way with the names but I need a longer shortlist as we have twins on the way.

  • Roisin is my sister in laws name. We eventually gave up discussing names with my son as we just went round in circles and when he arrived Eoin just suited him perfectly. Guess we'll end of doing the same this time!! Thanks for the pointers!!! Good luck finding two names 😆!!!xx

  • I love the name Erin. I was going to call our baby that if he had been a girl. X

  • Erin 👍

    OOH - out of hours 🤔 

  • I think you should give your baby a name you like and want, don't worry about pronunciation or initials. 

  • Ah thanks ladies, we were chatting about it last night and seems he's coming round to the idea so Erin could be a favourite 😊 xx

  • Erin is such a beautiful name. I love Irish names and though I'm not Irish, I always Google a name if I'm not sure how to pronounce it!! I'm sure others do too. My 2-year old daughter has a friend at nursery called Saiorse and I used to pronounce it as written (to an English mind) but my daughter would give me a quizzical look! I ended up googling it and she now smiles when I say it correctly. If you both like Erin, the go for it xxx

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