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Advice on baby/pregnant lady sleeping in a room painted 72 hours before..? Safe?

Advice ladies would be very helpful here from anyone with some prior knowledge!

My OH painted a couple of walls in the nursery with some "minimal VOC" paint (Dulux) on Tuesday and on Friday night my 7 month nephew is due to stay in that bedroom for the weekend.... Is it safe for him to sleep

In there or shall I (6 months pregnant) swap with him..... I'm pretty concerned it's not the safest option for either of us!

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I'd imagine dulux might have a customer care line so might be worth phoning them.


Same as previous comment.

But personally I think after 72 hours (and airing) I wouldn't be concerned. We moved house 3 weeks before I was due and had to completely renovate (including me painting). I was told all water based paint is fine - obviously stay away from it as much as you can from actually painting yourself. Our newborn never slept in a freshly painted room but there was a smell of paint in the house for quite some time.


Thanks both for your replies. We are keeping the windows open at all times when we are at home and using a fan to make sure the air is circulated.

I think by Friday it should be fine. But we will cal Dulux to check their advice.

I didn't do any of the painting - but didn't realise I may have to sleep in there! Think there is more danger to my nephew than me.


I wouldn't waste your time calling. As long as it's water based it's safe the minute it goes on the wall. Oil based only needs 24 hours so your fine. Honest!


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