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I did a pregnancy test after missing my period,it came out positive, after a couple of days I was feeling dizzy and nausea and I started bleeding heavily, I went for a scan and there was nothing maybe because it was too early. My doctor did a vaginal examination and said I'm having a miscarriage. I went for a vaginal vacuum,to my surprise I still feel nauseas and I feel like there is a baby inside me . I did another pregnancy test after three weeks and it came out positive. I haven't slept with my husband. Is it possible that I was pregnant with twins and can one twin survive a womb vaccum

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Ask for a further ultrasound? Hormone level can take sometime to get make to normal tho so it could just all still be settling.

What about my bulging tummy, my tummy is growing. My husband thinks it's all in my mind but I have three kids already and this feeling is familiar. I will however go for another ultra sound and keep you posted.

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