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Early pregnancy symptoms


Hi, I am seeking some advice on early pregnancy. My wife is 6 weeks pregnant and has been suffering with extreme exhaustion, lethargy and breast pain from week 1-2, although breast pain has eased she is also now experiencing dizziness and feeling very faint almost all of the day. We have seen our GP who said this is normal but it seems to be getting worse, I have done various research and am quite sure this is normal for some women at this stage but as this is our first pregnancy we just need advice. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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Can all be normal, and hopefully will improve with time. Need to make sure she's drinking plenty of fluids as can make dizziness worse. And having a good healthy diet. Small and often if nausea is an issue.

I think symptoms differ from person to person but certainly all the ones you mentioned sound familiar. I was totally wiped out at the start of my pregnancy, was in bed most days by 9pm (sometimes 8pm!). Only had the occasional bout of dizziness when had to get off the tube in morning commute. But was vomiting every day. For me all these eased at at the end of the first trimester. Don't forget the pre natal vitamins...

Hi mate,

Nice to see another chap on here. I'm an at home dad of two. My feeling is if your Doctor thinks it's normal and your research has shown the same then all you can do is reassure your partner and try to put her at ease and relax her. A stressed mum is a stressed baby! Good luck my friend your in for an awesome and lifechanging time!

Hiya, it does sound like normal pregnancy symptoms. I suffered very badly with exhaustion and dizziness from early on with all four of my pregnancies and each one seems a little worse. Dizziness can be attributed to low blood pressure so I would recommend nothing to strenuous, plenty of fluids and just generally take it easy. I've heard swimming can be very beneficial to help regulate blood pressure and the water can help with exhaustion too especially as the pregnancy progresses but I haven't tried it as I can't swim. Little can be done for breast pain I'm afraid but symptoms should start to ease by around 12 weeks. If she is still feeling like this when you have your booking appointment with your midwife it's worth a mention even if it's just for a little reassurance. The early weeks can be an awful time, all you can do is be there to support her and help out as much as you can

Agian i agree with all others it does sound all normal i had same but it eased at 12 weeks all she can do is rest plenty and drink lots of water and continue with folic acid and vitimins it will soon ease later on but pop up through out the pregnancy but less often

roxannacar in reply to Gem06

You don't actually need to continue folic acid beyond 12weeks. And it's actually more important pre conception as it helps baby's development right in the first few weeks the most.

I'm at pretty much the same stage and can't believe how nauseous I feel! I'm having naps mid afternoon because if I try and carry on like normal and get really emotional! Luckily I'm on a two week break at work, I don't know how I'll manage when I go back - and keep it secret!!!

It's seems ridiculous as I have no bump and the only evidence I have of actually being pregnant is a positive test... I keep thinking I'm over-imagining these symptoms or need to get a grip!! 

Same as you, I've done lots of reading websites and advice to check if this is all normal and it seems that way!

I hope it eases up at 12 weeks! Good luck!


I just wanted to add that I felt very light headed during my first trimester. Coupled with the tiredness and morning sickness it wasn't much fun! I couldn't really stand for any length of time which was difficult on public transport etc as I didn't look pregnant and you can hardly go around with one of those 'baby on board' LUL badges when you're keeping your pregnancy a secret!!! 🙈

Thankfully it passed by the time I got into my second trimester when ironically I started to find standing more comfortable than sitting! 

Best wishes for the pregnancy x 

Hiya. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I am really struggling with the dizziness, i think the 2 things that are getting me through are my amazing husband and the thought that this will ease in a few weeks- I hope. I have told my manager and he has been really great allowing me to work from home which has been really helpful. I hope we all feel a little more normal soon.

Congrats guys

Kirsty xxx

Get your iron levels checked. I was feeling dizzy at one point but then had a blood test at the hospital and the iron was on the low side. I take supplements now, and try to eat lots of red meat.

I also have a problem but I know my God won't let me down,my husband and I been trying for two years I had a miscarriage last year still was trying and the other night I had the chills it was like 90 degrees and I was freezing cold my husband gave me some remedies then he prayed for me.I went to sleep woke up at midnight I felt so hot and I feel some pains in my stomach not sure but could it be that I might be prego?

roxannacar in reply to Judylover

it sounds you're unwell, maybe a bug sort of thing. Pregnancy doesn't give you a fever/chills. If you have been trying for two years have you asked your doctor to refer you to a specialist?

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