Static growth

Hi am due on the 11th but got took in to be induced last Thursday they did 3 pessary attempts which didn't work so i am now waiting for the phone call to say I can go in and get my waters broken, I was only 1.5 cm dilated thwn, baby is moving about just fine bug I am getting worried/scared now as I know the time will soon be here. Are there any risk factors to a static growth baby and how long will it take to go into labour?

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Hi Jodie. The pessary didn't work for me either. I had to go on the drip to get things started. Don't be scared, yes labour isn't nice but you'll soon have a gorgeous baby. And being a mummy is amazing. I don't know anything about static growth of babies, but every woman Labour's differently, for some it can be very quick, for others it can take a few days. Just hang in there and focus on the end goal, meeting your baby! Lots of love. Xx

Any news?

Baby girl born on 9th at a couple of seconds past midnight weighing a healthy 7lb 12oz :-D xx

Seems like weight def wasn't an issue! Congrats!

That's what I thought! And thanks x

Congrats. Hope you're trying to get enough rest.☺

I am now we have put her on bottles :-) x

Congrats Jodie!

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