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4 weeks past a dnc

hi guys

im 4 weeks past my dnc after having a miss at 8 weeks ( well i think i lost my baby at 6 weeks :( )

its one month today and i still haven't had my period. i started bleeding on the exact day my period was due if i wasn't pregnant when my miss occurred. i assumed that since it followed my cycle that everything will be on tract, so waited for my period on the 1st of march and uptil today i didn't come on. any body can help? the past weekend i had a dizzy spell, really dizzy. i don't have pains in my boobs but just a funny feeling now and then. i have a lower back pain but im nit sure weda its just a spasm pain. anyone can help me? am i pregnant. im scared to do a test incase its negative. ive done 2 so far but not in the mornings and in 2 weeks 1 a week. any help will be appreciated

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If it's only four weeks since your d&c it's unlikely that you're pregnant. Your period will not be regular straight after because it takes time for hormones to adjust. it can take easily 6-8 weeks maybe longer for your periods to resume. I'm sorry that it's probably not what you want to hear.

Take care x

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thank you... I was hoping for `the best after reading a lot of peoples stpries about falling pregnant ryt after a dnc- some 2 weeks. 3 weeks


you can always check if you think you can deal with a negative result. Or you can wait another month and see if your period comes or not and check then. You should be having folic acid anyways if you are trying to conceive.

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