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Babys 16 week immunisations

my baby girl just had her 16 week imms on wednesday with a dffrent doc to which she had her 8wks and 12wks ones! and her legs have bruised and are lumpy at the site where it was inserted but she seems ok in her self and her same happy babbly self but i just wondered if any other mummys found this happened?? as before when she had her 8 weeks and 12 weeks they didnt bruise or leave a mark or anything :/ so this has made me quite upset,when bathing her last night i got quite emoitional thinking someone had done this to my baba ! should i ring my doctors and have a word or is it normal??

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My little girl had bruised legs on her first and third injections. Its very common especially as they are giving them several injections. My girl is a wriggler too so that didn't help. Unless they are very bruised and swollen, I wouldn't worry. Its her body reacting to them


Niamh bruised with all of hers, worst with the third. That's the only one she had with the Men B in. Don't worry unless they get very red and hot is what I was told. keep an eye on her temperature and keep giving her calpol. I'm sure she'll be fine. Xx


If you put in an injection or take blood there's always a chance of bruises as you might hit a small blood vessel.

There's is nothing you can do about it and will get better on its own. if you want to call them for an apology feel free but its not something preventable.


Yes it's the Meb B I found the worst with my son, at 8 weeks and 16. It seemed to cause more bleeding and bruising. It made me feel awful but it's for a good reason!

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Much rather have a bruise than men B that's for sure!


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