Baby poo's really odd

Baby poo's really odd

Hi ladies, hope you are all good. My delicious Niamh is 9 months old on Tuesday and is such a happy girl, but today she's been really hard to entertain and we've had to have three outfit changes due to poo explosions. Whereas that can be normal, the first couple actually made me phsically sick, but the last one smelt very strongly of vinegar.

Does anyone have any suggestions? She's still very happy and smiley, keeps licking her lips lots, we've no teeth yet. Just a bit odd.

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Hi there, wow what a gorgeous girl!! In my experience I think this sounds like a classic teething situation. When teething my son would always have nappies like those you're describing along with that acidic smell. Bizarrely he also used to get a 'bad breath' smell too. All babies suffer teething differently though.

Good that she's still a happy little thing even if perhaps a little distracted. Hopefully her teeth will come without too much bother for her (and you)!!xx

Thank you! I think she's gorgeous. Hehe. Ahhh, ok. I did wonder about teething, but it's so hard working it all out. She did have bad breath a few days ago too, but I just assumed it was because of whatever she'd eaten. 🙈 maybe we'll have little toothsies soon then. She's just started crawling today, so got to reorganise the house tomorrow. Haha. X

Agree that it's a teething poo, they are horrific! I used Nelsons Teetha's homeopathetic teething granules with both my children and found they helped neutralise the excess saliva that they had swallowed that made their poo acidic (I knew when I'd forgotten to use them)! Looking on the bright side, if they didn't swallow the saliva, they would be really dribbly, one of my friends had to change her son's bib 10 times or more a day because he would drench it. Hope teething goes smoothly for you and you just get the horrific stinky poos. X

Thanks Winnie258. Yeah I have a good stock of teething powders, drops and gel. Haha. She slept well but is a bit rosy cheeked this morning so those naughty teeth must be up to something.

Thanks ladies. Xx

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