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I had unprotected sex with someone on December 31st, got my period January 13th (very normal, lasted the usual amount of days). I recently got back with my boyfriend and we had unprotected sex January 31st (actually we always have unprotected sex but I know for sure that he did not pull out that time) I am now pregnant and want to know if there is a possibility that it is from December 31st??

Please help!

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I went to the Dr for the first time today and they said according to my period I am about 6 weeks and 1 day. It's still in the back of my head that I could be pregnant from December 31st. I just want to stop stressing over it!


The doctor is going by your last period date which was in between the first and second guy. You will only know dates for sure from a scan when they measure the baby.


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