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Five weeks pregnant when did I conceive

I had unprotected sex January 8 , 12 , 16-20. So I went to the doctors in January they told me I had bv and gave me the bv medication pill to take on January 12 and I would finish them January 19 on January 19 I stated to spot during intercourse on the 19 brownish for three days then it was bright red so I was bleeding 8 days total or maybe 9 I did need to use a tampon some days but I thought it made my period light because of the medication which I still think. However I had unprotected sex 28 . February 1, 2, 3 and the 9 th . I took a home pregnancy test on the 8 th it was negative took another one on the 12th it came out positive went to the doctors on. The 16 th and they couldn't see my baby so they thought it was an ectopic pregnancy my hgc was 599 they told me come back for another ultrasound on the 22 wen they told Me they believe I was five weeks n my baby fine if any more pain come back my hgc level was 1650. So when did I conceive and when is my due date . Ideas ?

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So if your last menstrUal period was 19th jan + 40 weeks would bring you to 26th October. Also from 19th jan- 22nd feb is around 5weeks which fits your scan. Re conception this would be around 2 weeks after 19th ha hence end jan/beginning of February. However no way to exactly know. If you are asking this because of paternity I'm afraid dates would be too close to tell. Hope that helps.


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