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I'm now 34+2 with twins and throughout the night I've been getting frequent sharp pains mainly down my left side but occasionally down my right side as well. Felt much better this morning with only very occasional sharp pain in my side but I've just started with a dull but intense period type pain right at the bottom of my bump and constantly needing a wee. Is this just a normal part of pregnancy? Any suggestions on how to ease the sharp shooting side pains welcome so I can actually get some sleep tonight, paracetamol didn't help?

Will speak with midwife in the morning as can feel the babies moving but just wondering if this is normal niggles and any coping strategies

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I had something similar a couple of weeks ago and it turned out to be a uti. Drink plenty of water, but definitely ring the midwife, any intense pain should be checked out just to be on the safe side. Be well 😊 xxx


Thanks. I had a full check up with midwife who says everything is OK. It's just my body attempting to stretch further to accommodate little ones as they continue to grow. Not looking forward to it continuing for the next three weeks or so x


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