Help Factor V Leiden and polycistic ovaries can I still get pregnant?

Hi everyone is there anyone out there who have both these conditions who have gotton pregnant and still been able to have children because I'm scared I won't be able to mw and my partner been trying for two years now and now his sister is pregnant. But I'm really scared how long did it take you to get pregnant. And can I still get pregnant.

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  • Hi, I'd advise you to post this on the Hughes Syndrome forum where there are lots of lovely ladies who have been through this.

  • Hi what the website called

  • They have a page on here. But also have their own page - Hughes Sundrome Foundation.

  • Hi, I just had a little look at Wikipedia and Hughes syndrome is actually anti phospholipid syndrome which although causes clots is different from Leiden V deficiency. Wikipedia says there's a small chance of miscarriage and stillbirth with Leiden V. Pcos is a different condition altogether but can improve If you loose weight if you are overweight. However if you are trying to conceive or manage you need to be under a specialist as ur high risk of clots so I'd speak to your doctor about it.

  • Sorry - realised I got mixed up with the blood clotting tests. I was thinking of lupus anticoagulant. Even so, with a blood clotting disorder you should be asking about taking aspirin and heparin once pregnant.

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