Has anyone managed to conceive while breastfeeding????

I would appreciate your responses. Princess is turning one year soon and it has just flown by. She is still breastfeeding 3 to 4 times daily. Fertility has not returned fully. I have had positive ovulation tests but no period and no pregnancy, so the breastfeeding hormone is stopping the full return of fertility. Would like to know if anyone managed to get pregnant while breastfeeding. I have had to stop to conceive in the past. Sorry TMI cervical mucus, temp drop all present and just spotting few days before periods. Light brown red, a bit like implantation bleeding but no period and no positive test?? Anyone gone through the same??

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Sorry I forgot to mention that I am in the process of reducing the feeds to only bedtime and first thing in the morning as princess eats well and is now supplementing with growing up milk/ cow and gate. And avoiding breastfeeding btn 00:00 and 06:00 as that is the optimal time for prolactin increase.

I know lots of people who have got pregnant breast feeding! It sounds like your cycle is starting to come back.

If she's a year old and BF 3/4 times or even a couple and having a good diet she doesn't need growing up milk. They only make that so they can advertise formula brands and it's a vastly inflated price, don't waste your money! Just use normal cows milk or make sure she has water and calcium rich foods.

Remember it can take up to a year to get pregnant even if you weren't breast feeding so I would just carry on as you are.

Well done for breast feeding too! I found it really invaluable if they ever get sick as a toddler x

Our Lo is 13 months and I am reducing breastfeeding by supplementing with jersey milk, it's is very rich and creamy and most importantly unhomogenised. im hoping to stop bf within the next month. So far there has been zero sign of any period for me but I guess everyone is different and I have a friend who became pregnant before her periods returned while she was still bf. Good luck 😀 X Personally the longer I stay period free the better, I do not miss them 😐! X

Thanks for your reply ladies much appreciated. Princess hates cows milk and I have tried it several times but will keep trying as the cost of the growing up milk is £7.99 and has to be thrown away in 4 week s if not used up. Complete rip off!! Will keep going as we are and hope fertility will soon return. Having taken a career break I wanted one close by to give princess company the other sisters are in full time now.......

Its definitely possible, i have a friend who conceived while breastfeeding and before her periods came back.... however my periods came back regularly when my little boy was 6 months old, hes now 14 months and I'm still feeding 3/4 times a day. We're not using contraception but no pregnancy yet! Good luck to you hopefully there'll be the pitter patter of tiny feet again soon! X

I conceived while feeding. My daughter was 20 months. She was only having evening and night feeds. My period had been back for about 4 months (normal bleeding with stretchy cervical mucus during ovulation). I want tracking temp. Hope this helps!


I conceived while breastfeeding! My LO was 8 months old and feeds had been reduced as we where introducing beakers ready for my return to uni

Thanks again to all of you Ladies, very helpful as I would like to carry on a bit longer B/F but time is not on my side. Will wait 3 months more and see what happens.

Totally possible and whether you're bf or not it can take a while to conceive as your body gets back to normal. As the other lady said toddler milk is completely unnecessary and just formula companies making you 'think' you need to buy something additional. If your toddler is having a good balanced diet, food with milk in (cheese,yoghurt,butter, milk on cereal etc) and still has 2 (or more) feeds a day then I wouldn't worry about her not drinking milk. Calcium is available in lots of different foods so don't stress about 'drinking milk'. I'm still feeding my 15 month old and he doesn't drink any cows milk. Same as you, just a few times a day and not during the night. Well done ;-)

Thanks again, very much appreciated 😊

Yes definitely don't use growing up milk it's a total rip off! It's just a marketing tool.

I BF round the clock and my periods and ovulation came back at 16 months x

Thanks I will be patient and see what happens Xx

Personally I wanted a two year gap between my children. Was feeding daughter number 1. After a few of failed attempts, I decided to stop breastfeeding. Then daughter number 2 came straight away! Number 1 was 17 months at this point.

Thanks for your reply. Trying to reduce breastfeeding as one year of b/f is pretty decent although my others have fed for a bit longer. Now I am much older and don't have much time to wait as before. Will keep you posted 😊

I'm pregnant and still breastfeeding. Period returned at 13 months, pregnant before 14 months, feeding ask through the night and about 5 times in the day when I conceived.

Thanks for your reply, hoping for the same outcome as yours 😊

My breastfed my first daughter and despite fully breastfeeding her sister arrived just 11 months and 3 days later after her because I conceived just 8 weeks after giving birth and I now feel that my eldest missed out on precious time with me.

My sister did, only a month after having her son and she breastfed him until he was 7 months and she was 6 months pregnant. So if you don't want to conceive be careful and don't trust breastfeeding to prevent unwanted pregnancy 

Thank you very much ladies, Still TTC, this is the first time I have decided not to use any family planning and let nature take its course. Princess is almost 15 months and no pregnancy yet. Breastfeeding 3 times in a 24 hour period with feeding time reduced to 10 minutes and less. Will keep going and see what happens. Periods seem to have returned but very light and lasting couple of days, 25/26 day cycle. If no success I will stop B/feeding at 18 months. Princess is eating and drinking well and can do without B/F.

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