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A bit of vaginal bleeding in my 8-9 weeks

Hi all, I'm in between my 8-9 weeks of pregnancy and this morning I had a bit of bleeding. It wasn't much but it was pinkish blood. I read that this is normal in early stages of pregnancy but I'm still worried. What should I do?

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Tell your midwife. I had a scan to check everything was OK and it was. Good luck.


Go for an early scan as it could go either way. I've been in both situations where it didn't end well but also had it where everything was fine. A scan will just reassure you that everything is ok.


Agreed with both posts, either speak to your midwife of gp to get a scan. I've had similar issues and was lucky it was fine, so it could be normal, but you need to check. Hope all goes well.


Thanks for all helpful advises. I went for an early scan and everything went really well! Thanks again!!


Great news! Hope rest of pregnancy goes well.


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