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Please please any advice im so confused

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Well long story short I should be 16 wks pregnant Iv been haveing positive pregnancy test every two weeks for around 8 wks my uterus is just under my belly button I know this as this would be my third baby I also had positive pregnancy test at 5 weeks I werent ttc and didn't have any plans for anymore children well I had uti at 5 wks pregnant and they said I misscarry has blood test was negative so I excepted and carried on but my sytoms never went away after 8 weeks of positive hpt test all diffrent brands prices as I'v had exsterem morning sick which I had on both my children and weeks of trying to get a doctor appointment I decided to go for anti sickness tablet after tell doctor he exsamied my stomach and said nothing there but my friend who is a midwife exsamied me and she sez diffrent ect so he sent me for blood test but before I went I bought two more clear blue hpt both positive and hospital urine test positive so how at 16 weeks one hour after urine test was my bloods negitive I really don't understand it's got to be in my blood to be in my urine ect they won't scan me till they repeat the blood test next Friday im just confused am I pregnant or do I have a serious medical conduction has this happen to anyone else please if any one has anything please help xx

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At 16 weeks you should have had a scan by now to confirm?

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The only reason I nw that I'm 16 weeks is because I maybe less but my friend who is sorry was a mid-wife exsamend my uterus and from the last time I haf intercourses partner working away so anit no possibility I'm less they won't scan me untill I have a positive blood test but what is confusing me is hcg mut be in my blood to be in my urine and another hpt test done just be came up positive so I really don't nw

I maybe a week less maybe two but noway am I less that 14 wks I just done another hpt test and that was positive in never been so bloody baffled in my life to be honest xx

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It certainly does sound confusing? If the bloods are negative did the GP offer any reasons as to why the urine tests are repeatedly positive? I'm surprised he's not questioning why that might be?

Ye he reconds they weren't performed tidy human error and a blood test is more accurate and isn't wrong well ov read a lot of post which many blood test have given fails negitive results x

Also if you had miscarried after the uti at 5 weeks you would definitely know about it. Did you try the digital pregnancy test that says pregnant or not pregnant? Can't be any argument then about the result.

Could you be reading the urine pregnancy tests wrong? A digital pregnancy test sounds like a good idea

Yes done digital test Im just gonna wait and see what happens he's test me for uterus breast and ovarian cancer !!! But I'm 25 no history of cancer in family no lump in breast ect iv also had a scan in October my womb was perfect and ovarie were perfectly fine I just think they are ruling out everything before they admitte they had it wrong well I'm hopening lol

Are you of this? There's no blood test for uterine or breast cancer. Also the blood and urine pregnancy test check the same hormone with the blood test being more accurate than the urine. I think you need to discuss the issue with your doctor cause it doesn't quite make sense.

Maybe get a private scan to see what's going on in there if the hospital won't scan you? It seems like the only way to really confirm because at 16 weeks, the baby will be well developed and you'll see movement on the scan, etc.

There is a blood test for the BRCA genes linked to breast and ovarian cancer, is this what they are testing you for? It's unusual to get this test unless there is history in your family. Normally they would do mammogram and smear test first and only do this BRCA test if someone closely related also carries the gene or had cancer at a relatively young age. You say you have no lumps, have you had a mammogram already?

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At 25 they wouldn't normally do a mammogram unless something is suspicious, and a BRCA gene Analysis would take months to do via a family clinic or geneticist. This would only be done if there is a prevalent family history, and would still not confirm of having the nasty just a high chance of getting it.

Hi just an up date no cancer at all yeah that's what the bloods were for and a c124 test or something like that well at around 20 they sent me for a scan a transvaginal on which said no vible pregnancy no pcos ... I though the scan was a bit funny as on my other children around 20 weeks I has a abdominal scan and by my belly bottom well anyway .... I excepted that until three weeks later I collapsed got rushed to hospital and they found that I am intact pregnant with a little girl due end of June but due to the placenta being priva I'm having a elective c section due hast beenconfirmed yet so I was right to worried coz I could have gone into labour and both died in house tjhey are putting blood test down to error and scan because I have a very very tilted uterys I never had till trouble with my boys .... I am in the prosses of seeking legal advice no for money but to make it aware that because my blood said neg they wouldnt taje me thfe one who know my body better than anyone serious even tho my urine test was pos they would have left me and my daughter could have died and beacuses neg bloods one nurses said they don't tend to look tidy on scans then so always trust your instinct .... And I can truly say this the stress and worried of this whole ordeal Iwill never have anymore children i am great full for my baby girl mind xxx

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Oh wow, I can't believe they missed your little girl at 20 weeks. I had my 20 week scan recently and my babies are really well formed so it seems crazy they missed! She must have also started to kick you by now.

Try not to worry about the placenta. I also have low lying placenta and they told me it can move up as the pregnancy goes on. They did say you can get the odd bleed with it though and if you do to go staraight to the hospital to be checked out. I hope they are monitoring you more closely now.

Congratulations and I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes better for you. x

I'm quite shocked that they could have missed the baby at 20weeks as you can do abnormality scans at that point. So how did they find it at 23 weeks another scan??

As for legal route feel free to pursue but I don't think you will get anything out of it as there was not actual loss . You can't really get something for what if in the future happened.

Are they planning more scans For the low lying placenta?

It all sounds very odd

She miss it because so done a transvaginal scan i went in for scan at five to nine and was out by ten past nine so she wasnt really looking for a baby altho she did tell me i didnt have pcos ...Yes from know untill i give birth im under a consultant who will scan regular and i have to be monitored twice a week and regular bloods they done till im 38 them im haveing a c-section bloods which should hcg unlike the onces done in my doctors surgery and because i had pain in my back they done a scan which found her on my right by my belly button it took about ten minutes mind and my womb which its tilted and by this stage on my sons straightend hasnt retoved i think its called i only spoke to a solictors because the stress i was under thinking i might have cancer ect not on the hospital and my stupid doctor trust me they are crap .... and yes i have been feeling he kick but thought i was going nuts lol xx

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