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Any mothers with experience of labour while on anti-coag treatment?

Hi there. Just wondering if anyone here has undergone pregnancy While on treatment for a blood clot/thrombotic condition (v Leiden etc).

I developed a blood clot after ankle surgery last year and then fell pregnant while undergoing treatment for the clot so my treatment has been prolonged during pregnancy.

I have just learned (at 33 weeks!) that this means I may well have to be induced on or near my EDD because I have to come off the anti coag meds before labour but not too long before. So induction is seen as a way to control this scenario. It would have been nice to have been informed of this by someone earlier but hey ho!

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has gone through the experience of being induced due to anti coag treatment. Or even people who were on anti coags but weren't induced?


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Might be worth asking this question over on the Hughes Syndrome forum, I'm sure someone there will definitely have this experience. I'm on heparin and aspirin but I'm only 16 weeks, so I'm also interested in this as it's news to me!


What a great suggestion. Thanks TLove! I will report back ...

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I follow the Hughes forum too, so I should see your posting there! Great that you're at 33 weeks, it really gives me a lot of hope that things will work out for me too! I tested positive for the anticardiolipin antibodies, so slightly different to you but I think both lead to a diagnosis of Hughes.


Good luck! I've only just heard of HS. Fingers crossed all things work out for you.


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