Factor V Leiden and polycystic ovaries and pregnancy help ?

Hi I was wondering if I can still get pregnant even though I have the factor five Leiden gene which I just found out I inherited of my birth mother who has this same condition but only had blood clots whilst pregnant she suffered four miscarriages and a blood clot which was meant to be my brother twin and my sister who was born 8weeks premature I have 3 siblings but I'm scared I will never be able to have children as I have polycystic ovaries as well I'm losing weight to treat the polycystic ovaries but i really want children and want to know if anyone with my condition or conditions have gotten pregnant and had healthy babies because the doctors has referred me to a specialist so that when I eventually do get pregnant they know what blood thinning medicine to put me on that wont harm the baby. Can someone please shed light on my situation thank you 😊

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Hi there! We are in a very same position and I was just about to make a post relating to this.

I have PCOS and my brother has V Leiden. I am waiting to find out if I have it because I had a clot earlier this year. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and have had a healthy pregnancy.

People with PCOS get pregnant all the time. For some it's harder though. Have you had natural periods before? Losing weight is a very good idea if you can. It really helps with all the symptoms of your BMI is on the high side it is good for your all round health ito bring it down.

There are anti-coagulant medicines (anti clot) you can take safely and easily during pregnancy to handle the V Leiden. I'm on one called Clexane which I inject myself with twice a day.

Try not to worry - I was in exactly the same position as you a year ago and now my first baby is due in March. and while being on anti-coagulation medicine is a bit of a hassle, it is no danger to you or your baby.

Good luck! I'm happy to talk about anything further if you want.

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Ok thank you and yes but they were messing up last year like I had a period three months and then none for six months so but know I'm having one every month which I hope is good thing.


That's very similar to me. Good luck and try not to worry too much.

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