preggies!!! but don't feel like.... HELP

Hi all. so im 7 weeks going into 8 weeks.done 2 test on the 4th in the afternoon around 4pm n 6pm (1 at home n 1 at doc) both positive. about 2 weeks later I did another around 10am n it was positive. at first I had sore breast. but now its kinda off and on. THIS IS MY FIRST :), im so phsyched!. but my body doesn't feel like im pregnant. I had no morning sicjness. I don't run to the loo often as expected. eating is a lil normal. n breast not sore at all time. in my mind, ryt in the back, im scared that it maybe something else other than pregnancy.

Is this normal. as it is my first and I don't know what I should and shouldnt be feeling. my first app is on 1st Feb.

I would love for your guys to give me some insight please. Is it normal???

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What can I say consider yourself lucky! Sore breasts and nausea are nothing to be jealous of! However I know how you feel,I used to worry when my nausea would get better for a few days thinking oh dear is that my hormone level going down! Everyone is different. Try relax and be healthy as you can. As long as you are not getting and pains or bleeding there's nothing to worry about. And if you did pregnancy tests and they're all positive well the. You're pregnant! Make sure you're taking your vitamins and book in with your midwife!

thank you Roxanne.... I did see my gp... he suggested I use the folic acid for now and book an app with my gynea at about 4 weeks. as my medical aid restrics the number of visits for me. he said that my gynea may have a specific brand that they would prefer me having.... I really am panicing at the moment. cos beinga first time mum I don't know what to expect. around what month pr week can I expect morning sickness is it too early now?

I mean at about 8 weeks visit the gynea... sorry

If you get it you can expect it from as early as week 5-6, but some people do not ever get it. pregnancy doesn't come in one size fits all and even the same woman in a different pregnancy can have different symptoms. 8-12 weeks is when you would have your first midwife appointment and a scan at around 12 weeks.

Try and relax and enjoy the fact that you don't have morning sickness. If you did you'd be wishing for it to go away as it's really not pleasant!

thank you

Hi there. Try not to worry. I'm a first timer like you and didn't have morning sickness, cravings or sore boobs so don't expect anything. I had a few episodes of nausea but who knows if they were actually real or just in my head because I was waiting for morning sickness to kick in properly because I'd heard so much about it.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck. Sounds like you're off to a great start.

Can I ask where you are based? I'm in england and we don't have medical aid here or normally visit a gynaecologist during pregnancy.

It's usually a midwife or an obstetrician.

thank you and all the best to you too on your pregnancy.... im in SA. My Hubby n I are so excited... im not sure of the bloating but my tummy is popping lol... every pne here at work says that they can see. my mum says im showing im undecided cos it is too early. I did some search on google and it says some pple show as early as 6 weeks. im Exactly 2 mnths today. u thik its possibly a baby bump???

A friend of mine had a teeny bump at 8 weeks although as you say it could be bloating!

most probable bloating....

hey its my first too, am guessing its normal and different with everyone from the start till today I haven't had any symptoms which two has made me question am now 25 weeks. Good luck on your pregnancy journey try relax :)

thank you

same to you.... its soooo exciting so far. do you know your gender?

hubby n I decided we will not find out keep it a surprise as it is our first.

I cant wait to tell ppl. but we have that 3 month wait ! Grrrrr.... why do we have to wait 3 months?

I don't understand, because anything bad can happen at any time in your pregnancy right????

your welcome hun and am having a boy I wanted to find out so I know what to buy when it came to baby shopping as it was hard to find unisex or colour both se could wear and my boyfriend wanted to the baby to be a boy since it was a unplanned pregnancy.

& yeah anything can happen but you have to just hope and pray for the best, but am sure you will do great throughout it all and both you will be great parents.

i don't know you know..i was so upset at my first scan because i was told it was too early to find out the sex of the baby.

nice congrats.... where are you from ? if you don't mind me asking

am from London hun what about you ?

hi funny face im from sa.... but sad to say that I had a miss carriage about 15 days ago

Awww am sorry to hear that hun :(

its ok ....its hard but I have hope. they say that its easier now to fall pregnant. but how easy is it? do you happen to know? hubby n I started from last Thursday had intercourse 3 times already. my expected ovulation date is tomorrow but I feel nauseas like how I felt before getting my BFP. any idea on this?

what baby are you having remysgal?

I didn't get any of those till I was 6 months pregnant consider your self very lucky . You won't feel that your pregnant till you see the first ultrasound best feeling ever ! Congratulations

Congratulations!...I too really worried about my lack of symptoms (also a first timer) and bought myself a doppler for when I could start to hear the heartbeat to put my mind at ease....but I've got less than six weeks left until my baby arrives now and I've still not had any of the symptoms..other than a large bump and a wiggly baby :) I've been really lucky and been able to enjoy my pregnancy so I hope the same for you also, I've had friends who have really struggled so just count myself lucky ...Congrats again :)

Hey Karey,congratulations! Don't worry about lack of symptoms. I'm carrying twins and everything I read said that the symptoms would be more pronounced. I had a little morning sickness around 8/9 weeks but nothing major and got extreme tiredness for a few weeks after. Now I'm in the second trimester, all of that is gone. I was in maternity jeans at 10 weeks, so got bumpy quite early.

As for waiting for the 3 months, this is mainly because most miscarriages are early and happen in the first trimester. I had 3 early mc (between 7-9 weeks) before this pregnancy. The first time we told no one we were pregnant and then when I miscarried, I needed support from family. So the next 2 pregnancies we told close family and a handful of friends because I think you do need some support when things go wrong. We did the same this time and waited until our 12 week scan to make sure all looked ok before we told the world. This is the approach most people take. I have also been cautious about buying anything for the babies but we're hoping to get furniture on deposit today in the sales. I still wouldn't get it delivered just yet! I'm about 4 months now, so what will be will be.

Best of luck with your pregnancy, it's an exciting time for sure!

hi guys im so sorryi haven't been replying

thanks so much for replying to my post. unfortunately I had a miss carriage 2 weeks ago and had a d&c done on the 5th. so heart sore... I have some questions but is there anyone that went thru this?

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