Could it be pre-eclampsia?

So I'm 30 weeks now with my twins and since about week 14 I've had pain just below the breast bone on my right side and since around week 20 had brief flashes of light but only ever occurring in my right eye, usually when changing brightness in a room but becoming more frequent even without changes. I've mentioned both to my midwife who says it's nothing to worry about as my blood pressure and urine is always fine but the past 2 days I've noticed marks from where my socks have been- as if they were too tight so I'm worried. Is it normal for mild ankle swelling (they don't look swollen) to happen at 30 weeks even if been resting with feet up for past few hours? The sock marks have also coincided with what I guess is a trapped nerve around the groin making walking very painful at first after sitting down for 10mins or more, but easing as I push through the pain and awkward movements. Plus babies have gone into overdrive movement and I suddenly have stretch marks appeared in past day or so.

Midwife appointment is next week, but I don't know if I should wait that long before seeing a professional for advice or if these things are a normal part of pregnancy and nothing to be concerned about.


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  • Hi, make a doctors appointment for today or tomorrow they can test your urine for protine and check your blood pressure

    Also best to be checked as pre e can come on fast, so get checked out xx

  • Hi there, firstly I'd just say I don't really have any experience of pre-eclampsia but I did get lots of fluid retention with my first pregnancy and had the sock marks you're referring to!! Obv the midwife has said she's happy with you but I think I'd be tempted to explain all your symptoms to the GP in the meantime? Maybe he can just check you over...your eyes, listen to your chest, take your blood pressure etc...? I'd have thought it might be worth a visit for reassurance that all is well not just with the babies but you aswell xxx

  • Mild swelling is very normal at 30 weeks esp if you got twins as I'd imagine you have a fairly big bump already. However if you are worried you might have pre eclampsia you need to contact your triage for a bp and urine check. It will probably be nothing and probably won't be pre eclampsia but needs to be checked out as if it is it needs monitoring.

    Best of luck!

  • It does sound like normal pregnant symptoms but get your self checked out as a precautionary measure, can't be too careful in pregnancy and it will help to put your mind at ease

  • I would assume that the midwife would have picked up any signs of protein when checking your urine. Have they been checking at each appointment? My ankles and feet swelled and I couldn't fit my sandal straps around them! It was summer so I had to buy flip flops as that's all I could get on my feet!

    I would get the gp to check you over just to be on the safe side. I had high bp towards the end of pregnancy so was monitored closely but it didn't cause any major issues.

  • Please get checked as I had this and my heart rate and urine was normal then all of a sudden....Boom! pre-eclampsia!

    The saying is...."if in doubt, Check it out" x

  • Thanks everyone, you've helped ease my mind. I had the wc vaccine just so got the nurse doing that to check my bp as couldn't get in with a Dr today. Bp was fine and she wasn't concerned so never did a sample. Plus I've been able to move much better today and rib hasn't been as bad so maybe all the activity from babies has moved them easing some of the pressurewhich was causing the pain. Will definitely keep monitoring myself though and get a full check up between now and Tuesday if anything gets worse again and will mention it all to midwife at appointment plus consultant when I'm there in a fortnight. Xx

  • I was induced as I started with pre eclampsia. My blood pressure was up and down all through my pregnancy but they kept saying they weren't worried. Then on my due date I got protein in my urine so ended up going to hospital rather than the local midwife unit to be monitored every two hours for the next four days, before being induced on day five. they know what they are doing,but if you get any headaches or feel faint (my warning signs) then just go straight to your gp or midwife to be checked. The swelling is pretty normal and the aches and pains too I'm afraid, from my experience. Just look after yourself and rest plenty. Your body is working really hard. 😙

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