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I just found out I'm pregnant (yay!) and was wondering if I need to see my GP. I have my first midwife appointment booked for next month, and they didn't ask if I'd seen the doctor or not, but I'm pretty sure a friend said she'd seen her GP first. (I'd ask her, but we're keeping things quiet until after the 12 week scan... Or trying to anyway ;P)

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi there. It might be different where you live, but in my area you don't have to see the GP in the first instance. Most people will see their GP in order to get referred to the midwife, but it seems like you've already got that sorted. I self-referred to the midwife and then made a GP appointment and the GP was surprised that I was seeing them at all. Maybe check with your midwife at your first appointment but I don't think you need to see your GP at all.

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    I called my GP surgery and they advised me to make the appointment with the midwife at the surgery. She then referred me to the hospital for my 12 week scan. I expect all areas vary but if you're unsure just give the surgery a call.


  • Congrats! Unless you have any particular thing you need from the gp or any concerns before seeing your midwife you don't need to see your gp as your midwife will go through the booking, and the booklet has a lot of information in it! Also the midwives are great at answering all questions that you may have and probably better at that than the gp (since they deal with pregnant women day in day out).

  • I agree with the others. I didn't see my gp just went straight to the midwives. Hope it all goes well x

  • Congrats, you don't need to like everyone else is saying but i would say go so the GP can prescribe you with some folic acid and vitamins and possibly other relevant tablets which you may need for yourself and your unborn baby especially in early pregnancy. The GP may also give you some other advice and give you a check up (urine) to make sure your all OK to prevent any early possible risks.

  • You can get vitamins over the counter, definitely cheaper over the counter if you pay for prescriptions. Your mat exemption certificate takes a while to come through, hence your shouldn't wait for that

  • I live in Scotland: free prescriptions. Bought some in Boots today through as they had 3 for 2 and it's taking weeks to get appointments with my GP surgery. Got the Pregnacare ones: recommended?

  • My gp recommended the pregnacare plus, says they have everything we mum's and babies need in them and even though I'm now 30 weeks I still take them as consultant at hospital and midwife recommended taking them throughout. Must be doing something right as I have 2 healthy, very active babies and have had non of the nasty side effects of being pregnant

  • Wonderful! That's what I got :) Thank you

  • Thank you lovelies :)

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