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If the doctor say your 9w2d are u really that or they add weeks?

LMP was Nov 19th....next period due Dec 17 with a 28day cycle.......sex unprotected Nov.26th....with bf & with random guy only ONCE Dec.20th with condom but it fell off inside me. Now I'm 9w2d got ultrasound yesterday I was9w1d

So I missed my period for the 17th & didn't get with random guy till 20th dec.

So the dad will be my bf right?

I don't think it can be the other guy because my AF was due on 17th & still didn't come on 20th so will it be possible to get pregnant by the "other guy" even if he came inside me?

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They measure the length of the baby from head to rump. From these measurements they can tell the age of the baby. They will always take the dates from your lmp and not from when you conceived, so if the baby is developing properly the no of weeks from lmp will match the no of weeks from the scan.

craftingfoxcub in reply to Tlove

But scan dates are most accurate around 12 weeks, so they should tell you that dates based on earlier scans are their best guess at the minute. 9 weeks suggests pregnant from of November or start of December.

Tlove in reply to craftingfoxcub

They are more accurate at 12 weeks but at 9 weeks they can still tell within a few days. I had scans for my current pregnancy at 6, 8 and 14 weeks and all were pretty close, only a day or 2 either side. I had previous pregnancies that ended in miscarriage and at 7 weeks they could see the baby was measuring a week behind and not developing properly. Early scans are still reliable. They won't be out by more than a few days.

If the baby were measuring a few weeks behind, they would still see this at the 9 week scan. Besides Peaches had already missed her period by the time she was with boy #2. If it were boy #2, she would only be 5-7 weeks pregnant and at 5-6 weeks nothing would even be seen on ultrasound. I don't think she needs to worry about who the father is.

craftingfoxcub in reply to Tlove

I agree, but the sonographer was at pains to make it clear that they could not give a definite due date from the early scan. I happen to think the idea if a definite due date is nonsense anyway, but it can really help not to be hung up on being however many weeks and days, because its all different for everyone. I intentionally made no comment on who the father could be. I suggested when the pregnancy is likely to have started. Any sex, protected or otherwise carries a risk of pregnancy. I may have has two lots of unprotected sex and 15 lots of protected sex and conceived during the protected sex. So, as I said, likely conception end of November start of December.

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