Worried 😭

I'm 31 weeks pregnant now. I did a scan for knowing the gender of my baby on 20 weeks they said its a little boy. Now I had another scan on my 30 weeks they said it's looking like a girl. They could not see the gender properly because there is a little bit fluids or tissue in the baby's tummy. They couldn't see t clearly. They suggested a specialist team on Monday. I'm so worried about it. I don't mind about the baby's gender I want a healthy baby . But my baby is very active into the my tummy.

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  • Hey

    sorry I don't know much about it but I'm sure it will be okay. An active baby is good. Try not to worry.fingers crossed for Monday :)

  • Tnk u Lillyella

  • I have a nephew, instead of the girl they were expecting! And a niece that came out a boy, so when they told me I was having a girl, I was dubious! As long as baby is healthy and active, that's all that matters.

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