pain as bump grows, 2nd baby, 1st was emergency c-section

pain as bump grows, 2nd baby, 1st was emergency c-section...

i have been having horrible pains in the bottom of my stomach, and even in my lady parts, especially as my bump is growing.

i am 17 weeks, this is my second baby, my first was born via emergency c section. is this why ive been having these pains?

has anyone else experienced this in pregnancies after an emergency c-section delivery?


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That's so strange, I just googled exactly the same question tonight! I'm currently only 7 to 8 weeks but have had some aching around my scar and the odd twinge. Nothing painful just uncomfortable at this stage. I actually read a lot of women also had pain around their csection scars with subsequent pregnancies xx


i started off with it being itchy and twingy around my scar, but now its painful, especially in the area between my scar and my belly button, sometimes its just a slight twinge, other times its a full blown sharp pain that stops me in my tracks and last upto 5 seconds xx


I have experienced something similar I had c-section then 7 months later I was pregnant again and around my scar hurted through out the whole pregnancy doc said it was because my scar tissue wasn't completely healed from the first c section


ouch bless you, was it a planned section or an emergency?



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