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Pre-existing fistulas's and abscesses


Hi, I'm not expecting many people to have had this but it worth a go! I have suffered with multiple perianal abscesses and fistulas for 10 years now I have had 9 bouts of surgery to remove the fistula in my bowel 6 being in the last 2.5 years. I'm now 29 weeks pregnant and I'm having a real battle with my consultant to agree to a c-section,due to the fact that childbirth can cause fistulas and I honestly don't think my bowel can take the pressure without re-infection occurring .Anyone else had these issues?

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Hi I have Crohn's disease and had perianal fistulas which required me to have a temporary illeostomy for 9 months. I was given a planned c section because of the perianal fistulas as it weakens the area and high risk it would cause problems. You need to push a c section with your specialist. Good luck

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