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Entertaining twins... Help?


Before I continue.... The girls are asleep whilst I type this!!!!!!!

(Clear how I'm feeling this morning)

The girls are at the stage in life where they want to be awake a hell of a lot more than what they want to be asleep and they want to be entertained but they aren't quite there with their focus and aren't quite there with supporting their own heads. We have bouncy chairs and swings and various different noisy toys and lots of story books and obviously the dreaded television.... But nothing really seems that fabulous at pacifying their curiosity levels.... They both seem to be very mummy at the minute.

Now, obviously they get cuddles and mummy time and we have our play time and our little chats (loosely I use this term).... But with have the 2 girls... I try to limit too much cuddling so that the girls don't feel they need to be picked up every 5 seconds.

So I'm struggling to find a balance that chills them out yet stimulates them enough that they aren't wailing for mummy as soon as I stand up to go for the loo.

Any help is already greatly appreciated xxxxxxxxxxx

Happy new year all xxxxxxxxx

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Niamh has always loved me singing (she's the only one! Haha) and now she tries to copy the actions. There's a bbc website with all the nursery rhymes on, just google it. I spend ages singing to Niamh when she's sat in her chair. 😍 and she laughs at me jumping around the room like a crazy person when I do an exercise dvd. 🙈


Lotty b my most wonderful NCT buddy! Oh we like dancing and singing In this house aswell 😆 poppy especially.

Think we should go into business making singing and dancing DVDs for babies to giggle at 😆😆😆 think I'm becoming an expert on how to make myself look as silly as possible 👍🏻

Awwww! Hi! 😘

Snap. Paddy comes home most days to find Niamh in the high chair in fits of giggles to mummy pretending to be a ballerina the size of a hippo or some other strange thing. She loves it. ❤


how old are them? Try tummy time with toys

The girls are 4 months.... But corrected they are just 1 month. So it's hard to tell where their development should be at. We saw the portage team yesterday (developmental team) and poppy is apparently doing absolutely amazing is doing more than what she should be doing at 1 month!

We do to tummy time... Although not massive fans of it. Even when we have monkey (favourite toy at the minute) helping us 😁. The little ladies are amazing at holding their head but they find tummy time incredibly frustrating I think....

Hey, I've been amazed that my little girl is pretty entertained in a chair in the kitchen (brighter lights) with the radio on and me doing the washing up/cooking etc with a bit of chat/singing alongside... Obviously can't do this for hours but can last a good 45 mins if lucky!! Good luck, must be tough with twins. Sounds like you're doing amazingly xx

Thank you 😀 we are working on it lol.

If only my kitchen was big enough for more than just me to be in there 😕 unfortunately the house is quite small in general do find it hard to move them into different rooms.... Especially seeing ad they are both still on their oxygen.... I suppose we could have one little lady one side of me and he other the other side as I'm stood in the kitchen.... Just gotta remembetopick them up before I attempt to walk anywhere otherwise I'll land on my face lol

Don't limit the cuddles! You can't over - cuddle a baby! Or do u mean trying to settle them without picking them up every time? Your babies need to feel secure and want to be close to u. In time they will be able to amuse themselves and play together. All babies go through fazes of crying when u leave the room - it's normal. They just don't understand why u are not there! Enjoy them and cuddle them - they won't be babies for long!

Obviously the girls get a fair few cuddles but poppy is now becoming increasingly clingy and obviously that's no good when poor holly is wanting some attention as well... I get them to lie/ lean next to each other day they are just starting to focus in on each other.... And then wave their at,s about and hit each other in the face lol. I'm thinking of taking up juggling.... Getting rather good at it 😁

Sounds like you're doing a fab job. Have you tried babywearing? Loads of mums with twins tandem wear (so both at the same time). Google your local sling meet/library for support and advice or there are twin sling groups on Facebook who can help you too. Babywearing has saved my sanity with small ones when they just want to be held all the time. I've carried both my children and they are both very independent and not at all clingy because they trust I'm not going to leave them. Enjoy your days of going to the toilet on your own, I can't remember the last time I did that! Once they can move they'll follow you there. Last night my 3 year old was 'playing' with my 21 month old, but my 21 month old wasn't enjoying it so I popped him up on my back in a sling and carried on making dinner. I still carry in a sling my 3 nearly 4 year old too when she's really tired, means I have my hands free to hold my 21 month old hand when we're out and about.

Do you go to any baby groups? Play with their toys, join in their activities, have conversations with other mums and steal ideas of things to do at home. I know getting out the house with one was hard, so huge respect to you for getting two out. Childrens centre's have lots on usually and sometimes something for twins or contact them and ask if they can tell you what's going on locally. Ours has a toy library so we borrow toys for a bit of variety without having to have a houseful!

You're doing a great job, well done!

Thank you for your reply ☺️

With us being on NICU for a few months we made some really good friends and we try and meet up regularly for play dates (another set of twins and another little lady). We also attend a little group that the hospital hold on the first Tuesday of every month where we can play and interact... And also catch up with the health professionals. So we do meet other little people. Helping as well, our neighbour gave birth on the 27th December so we have that little man to look forward to meeting and our other neighbour has a 3yo who loves to come and say hello and have a stroke of the girls heads.

In one way I do like the sound of baby wearing bug my house is that cramped that I'm absolutely petrified that if I turn round and forget that they are attached to me I'll bash them against a cupboard or a wall etc.

oh it's all good fun this mothering malarkey!

Right must go.... I have a little lady stirring 😊 thank you for the tips though xxxxxxx

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