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Poorly baby


Hi, my 13 month old has been poorly since September but no one is listening. He's had a cold since starting nursery and just before xmas I thought it had travelled to his chest so took him to the GP. The GP was dismissive, said his chest sounded clear and to just wait for his cold to clear up. Less than a week later we where back at the docs with him as he had puss coming out of his ear, turns out he had an ear infection that popped and was given a 6day course of anti-biotics. after a few days of being on the antibiotics he seemed to improve significantly, we finished the course and he seemed well for a few days later. But it didn't last long, now he's severely congested again, has an awful cough again and chokes on the mucous that comes up when he's coughing, he is pulling at his ears, putting his fingers in his ears and his balance is wobblyer than normal. He's not sleeping very well despite being completely exhausted, but again no one will listen. We tried to get an appointment today with the out of hours GP but there response was "he's already had antibiotics which would have cleared up any infection" and refused to see him but he's still soo poorly. I just don't know what to do anymore! I almost lost my oldest child to a strep B infection when he was 7 days old cos our then GP was dismissive! I feel so lost!

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U know best hun, if your out of hours Dr won't see him and your concerned then go to a and e. You'll have to wait some time but if u have real concern then go. The mucus etc could just b congestion, have u tried sitting him in a steamy room to see if that clears it or something like olbus oil orva vaporiser?

U know him better than anyone else tho if your unhappy and no one else will see him then get down to a and e. Good luck xx


I totally agree with vixstix33 - you know if he's not right. My mother in law always says to me you keep on asking and asking until you're satisfied they've been checked properly and if that means taking him to A&E so be it, just be prepared to wait it out and tell them the out of hours refused to see you.

I'm so surprised given his age that they denied you an appt, crazy.

Fingers crossed he gets checked soon and you all feel happier and he's on the mend soon xx

The GP can't refuse to see you....I know they do but a good one would still check everything was OK as things with babies can change v quick. Call 111 again and demand an appt. If the GP still refuses ask to speak to a different one or ask them this simple question "Are you willing to stand by your telephone prognosis in a court of law?" That should remind them of their duty of care....We recently got put through mill with a series of GP's and ED -each one refusing to diagnose and just sending us home with little to no advice but having to deal with a severely dehydrated baby who hadn't been able to eat for 4 days - he was limp and losing weight and they just said "we think it's viral but if it hasn't cleared up in another couple of days it could be bacterial"....that was it - nothing more....By day 6 I was beside myself, we hadn't slept and the coughing was so bad lo just screamed all of the time....got another out of hours appt with a new GP and hey presto - croup diagnosed immediately, nebuliser given and steroids and lo picked up immediately with 2 repeat appts to check up on him booked in a diary. This new GP told me - If a mum is still concerned about her baby after seeing a Doctor then the last GP she saw hasn't done their job properly. I pay over £500 a month in NI and quite frankly I'm getting quite angry at GP's acting as though we should be grateful for receiving a "free" service. It's not free. Call 111 now.

go straight to a&e. don't waste time

Thank you all, we saw a good doctor who said the infection has travelled to his chest! Someone is finally listening and taking our concerns seriously. Such a relief!

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Great that you feel happy he's been checked over properly. Mothers instinct is usually right!! Hope he's better soon xx

It transpired that I was correct and he has had an ear infection again which popped on Friday. We are putting a complaint in to the GP out of hours service for refusing to see us. He is currently 5 days into a 7 day antibiotic course, he still has discharge coming from his ear (almost 48hrs later). The GP took a swab of the ear to make sure he is on the right treatment.

I feel like we have been completely failed by the medical profession and they see us as paranoid parents. It's been so obvious that something has been wrong and has had a significant impact on all of us. We shouldn't have to fight for someone to listen!

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