Thrush - need tips

So last week I was on antibiotics and now, a day after finishing the course I've developed thrush. I checked online and it said it's fine to use a cream so went to the pharmacy to get some but they won't sell me anything, saying I have to go to the gp but it's new year's eve in the morning and I'm not even sure the doctors is open never mind if I'll actually be able to get an appointment. I'm so uncomfortable! Has anybody got any advice on what I can do to ease the symptoms until I can actually get in to see a doctor as the thought of at least another 3 days like this is unbearable!

Thanks x

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I would maybe call NHS24, explain you're pregnant and that the pharmacy won't sell you anything. I'm sure they will write you a prescription. Either that or try another pharmacy as my GP told me that canestan was fine to use while pregnant so I'm a bit surprised the first pharmacy wouldn't allow it.

Good luck! I wouldn't want to wait to see my GP either! x

I would get your OH or friend to buy from pharmacy or go to supermarket, they sell canestan on shelf. I got thrush repeatedly (probably every 3-4 weeks) when pregnant and was perscribed the pessary and cream and in the end I would just buy myself rather than seeing GP.

Hope you get sorted soon, thrush sucks!! Xx

I agree. I had antibiotics for a water infection in pregnancy which then gave me thrush. The doctor prescribed me canesten to get rid of it! Even the pessary was fine apparently!

Hello, I have thrush too, had no problem buying caneston cream over the counter. Had phone consult with GP he said that the Pessary was fine too, but that it might be more comfortable to insert with your fingers. Pharmacist is wrong!

Thanks ladies,

I managed to get a phone consultation with gp who wrote a prescription whilst talking to me so literally had to go pick it up then went back to the same pharmacy and no surprise got canestan, the exact same product they refused to sell me yesterday! Came so close to asking if they enjoy making people suffer for no reason, still with it being on prescription I guess the upside is it saved me a few quid. X

So glad to see you got sorted in the end. I too suffered a few times in my last pregnancy and had caneston pessary and cream from the drs every time with them advising it was completely safe to use x

I had thrush on and off for the duration of my first pregnancy. I was worried about the peasant but midwife assured me it was perfectly safe.

We are such a bundle of nerves when it comes to anything in our pregnancies!

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