Sleepyhead?? Safe??

Hi there I'm just over 19 weeks and thinking about getting organised for our nursery. I've read great things about the sleepyhead instead of a moses basket but a little confused with the bumper as read bumpers aren't safe? Does this not apply to the sleepyhead? Also I'm unsure if we do get it whether we'd use it on our bed to co-sleep. We already have a cot which I've read you can put the sleepyhead inside which hopefully we can fit in our room for first 6 months. Alternatively would I need to buy a separate smaller crib? Sorry for all of the questions, I'm just a little confused with what's essential xx

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  • Hello

    I'm going to get one of these as friends who have used them with their babies have recommended them. I understand you can use it in the cot itself or a smaller crib.


  • Thanks, I've been reading up on them all day and think I'm feeling more comfortable with them as it even said if the baby's mouth and nose is against the bumper they have ensured the material allows the baby to still breathe I think it will be worth the investment as it can be used for more things than a moses basket. Hoping to shift our room around too so that we can have the cot in our room for 6 months so if we don't feel comfortable having baby and sleepyhead in our bed then we can use the cot and sleepyhead straight away 😊....there's so much to think about but it's a wonderful feeling finally organising for our baby xxx

  • We were going to get a Moses basket too but I agree this seems like a better option as it lasts longer. The Moses basket just seems like a waste as they can only use them for a few weeks.

    We're excited about finally organising for our baby too. Next stop - the pram! x

  • Hi there, both of my sister in laws used sleepyheads with their little ones and both seemed to feel that it helped.

    On the flip side I didn't use one and had a Moses basket which my son stayed in for a good 3 months - we borrowed a basket from a family member and bought a new mattress so little expense. If you do use a Moses basket you can roll towels/blankets into long sausage shapes and put either side of baby to help them feel snug - we did this for weeks and he slept well.

    I personally didn't want my baby to get used to 'sleeping in our bed' but that's personal preference - I know at times my SIL's both used the sleepy heads in their beds although I'm not sure how they had room for mummy, daddy and sleepyhead?!!! Have fun preparing for your precious bubba xxx

  • We had a sleepyhead and it was good. Cot bumpers aren't breathable (unless you buy the mesh breathable one) and are not recommended as you say. But the sleepyhead is tested.

    I would recommend getting a crib to put it in which should last you about 7 months.

    We had a Moses basket and it was cute but we ended up rolling up a blanket at the bottom half of her body to make her feel secure as she hated it! Whereas the sleepyhead will fit in a crib next to your bed - it also fits in the cosleeper cribs.

    The nct one line shop often has member discounts or sale on it x

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