Pregnancy with brown discharge (old blood)

My period was supposed to come on the 22nd, so when it was late I wasn't concered because I have irregular periods. On Friday night I felt a little moisture so I thought I had started my cycle, but after wiping I noticed thick clear mucus with streaks of old brown blood. After speaking with friends they said I could be pregnant. After having 3 miscarriages already I was a bit concerned. Today I took a test and it was positive which is very scary and exciting for me at the same time. I haven't really had any serious cramping, nor have I had any bleeding. The brown discharge lasted maybe 2 days, mainly just when I wiped. Is this a sign of miscarriage or has anyone else experienced this and had a full, healthy pregnancy?


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  • Could be implantation bleed. Just make sure your beta rises. If your miscarriage is in 1st trimester you could support it with progesterone.

  • Sounds like it could be implantation bleed. Book an appointment with ur GP/ community midwife asap. Congratulations and good luck xx

  • I had something similar, small bleed which I thought was an odd period, turned out was an implantation bleed and 9months later I have my little 3week old! Good luck!


  • Thank you ladies for the help. I started bleeding a little this afternoon so I ran to the ER. Ultrasound came back great, for the first time and after 3 previous miscarriages I am glad to announce that a heartbeat was heard and I am 6 eeks and 2 days. I had a small hemorrhage and docs said I should take it easy, but other than that things look great. Even though I fail him all the time, God is so good and I am very grateful.

  • I had similar problems through my pregnancy and went to the maternity walk in. They were lovely and said I could go whenever I wanted to have a check and listen to the heart beat. I was very cautious because of my age and worried that I was being a nuisance but they said they would rather see me every time I was concerned than have me worry something was wrong.

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